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Published on May 30th, 2011 | by djprophetic


Encouraging Poetry – Empty


Its amazing how you can get high but still feel low/or get drunk & forget last night but still remember the pain from years ago/or how you can have plenty of money but still be broke/u can even go to the funniest comedy show and still feel like a joke/ you could have a range rover & a benz but still no hope/you could have the shiniest watch but still no glow/you could have a house with acres of land but still no home/ what if you had a room full of friends is that when you’ll feel whole/or a masters & a doctorates and you’ve accomplished your goals/what about a successful career or business/or how about being an actor an athlete a lawyer or a dentist/ is this when we cheer and say wow I’ve finished/ imagine the most beautiful wife with the sweetest heart/or a loving husband that gives you affection and never wants to be apart/is this when you’ll be fulfilled when you find a suitable mate/ is it possible to still be lonely after exchanging wedding rings on your marriage date/what if your finally able to get in that dress because you’ve lost all that weight/ or you can finally wear a muscle shirt because your benching 6 plates/ladies is it after you’ve bought a new make up kit, did your nails & your hair/ that you finally feel the guys will give you more stares/fellas is it after youve bought the cologne, shoes, and outfit to wear/that you’ve got enough self confidence to talk to that lady over there/what about after the sex do you still feel depressed/does that 5 minute pleasure cure your loneliness/say u dont have sex and your not promiscuous/ instead you watch it on a video, & after you masturbate do you still feel ridiculous/ or what if your holy and you’ve kept all the laws/does it make you feel good to point out everyone else’s flaws/or say you go to church every sunday and give to the poor on every monday/how long do u feel good for your charitable deeds/ maybe your in the ministry and u win thousands of souls/is it after you’ve done this you can finally feel whole/what if your the type that likes to do good for people/ u’d give your time, money, & talent just for everyone to live peaceful/or say you could care less about causes, your whole life is sports/ you scream at the top of your lungs cheering for your team on the court/ what about after your work when the day is done and your team has already won/wheres the thrill for your life is it in some cause or a game/do you have a place in your heart that feels empty and lame/ or maybe you like fantasy you like to play video games/ how does life feel when the tv is turned off and reality remains/what if all your joy is placed in raising your kids/ when they leave the house will your body ache like your missing a rib/or say u dont have kids all you have is pets/does it fulfill you to talk to an animal who hasn’t talked to you yet/maybe ur stressed out you got so many bills and debts/ the only satisfaction you get is at dinner time eating a steak or putting butter on a baguette/say your vice isn’t food its in the gifts, talents & passion you posses/like music, the arts, rapping dancing, acting, writing & all the rest/say you become really good and achieve your desired success/ur at the top then what do you slowly digress/do you count on all these things to fulfill your happiness?/ I know i have im guilty on most of these/At points in my life I’ve allowed these things to identify/objectify,specify and even describe me/Thank God he continues to rectify me/He opens up my heart to dissect inside me/ Self examine yourself and ask yourself if you also have done any idolizing/ Dont get me wrong most of these things can be used for good but only through proper prioritizing/Our God is a jealous God and refuses to be second to none/Truly ask Him to show you any improper placement that you’ve done/The truth is we all feel empty at times/ and we pour our hearts into these vices and forget forget the true light that shines/ There is no other substitute His name is Jesus Christ/He’s placed a missing void inside our hearts and its only through Him we will find/but even if your a Christian it doesn’t mean your filled all the time/ because the choice to put the joy he freely gives us is made by renewing our minds/If not we’ll go back to the old nature and pick up the wrong pieces to to a puzzle which our hearts were not designed/ the key we all must see is that its through consistency & persistency we must cling to the one who is divine/not in religion but relationship we must pursue after the one who fills the emptiness inside/ if you never accepted Jesus Christ please give Him a try/ He can ease the pain and troubles youve been trying to hide/ Let Him love on you and put His joy inside/ but we all must make an effort to pursue him daily or its back to the meaningless tree of emptiness we will climb/



Servant David D. Simons aka Dj Prophetic

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