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Siestas Vs. The American Culture

I think American culture is obsessed with PROGRESSION by means of material conveniences. Ex: You work a little extra here and there so you can afford your first house that you now never have time to enjoy because now that your jefe (boss) sees how hard you are capable of working- promotes you to Sr.__/Director of____/ Manager of____ and you become responsible for making sure the work the other workers do ACTUALLY works…meaning you are working your butt off and everything YOU can now afford and have purchased is rarely ever enjoyed by YOU …sad isn’t it…

Here in Spain, EVERYTHING closes down from 2-5pm and it is known as “Siesta” time. Husbands, wifes, children, and even perritos come home for lunch and following lunch, people take mid-day naps or strolls in the park. Stores re-open at 5 and then close at 8pm…In less than a week I have now mastered the art of the “siesta” and would even consider myself advanced having stretched my siestas into 5 hour slumbers…I’ve become so good at these siestas, I’m even thinking about teaching classes!

Anyway, I just wanted to blog this post to get you thinking about WHY you do what you do. Are you working for a purpose? Or has your work/job become a way of life in itself, dictating your every move and thought- leaving you paralyzed between life and death? Remember, life doesn’t stop when the grim-reaper kicks down the walls of a beating heart, life stops when purpose becomes inconspicuously unrecognizable in the activities we commit to.

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