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Welcome to Being Encouraged!

We at Being Encouraged, thought that we would summersault, kick-flip, and nose-dive into our inaugural Being Encouraged week with a blog post focused on the purpose and intent of this website.  You’ve seen stories on TV, heard the gossip on the radio, and navigated your way through the clutter on the internet and it seems that the common theme wiring the cables of our media outlets together is a focus on “what’s wrong with the world” or “what’s wrong with America”.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be naïve to think that everything in society is hunky-dorey and “A-okay”, but even in a sea of darkness, we would like to believe that the light still exists.   It’s a fact that broken heartedness and struggles are manipulated by the fears, sins, and lustful desires that we burrow within the depths of our hearts.  They seem to operate on a revolving door and right when it feels like we’ve overcome the temptations, pain, and heartaches, they reappear like an autumn flu sending us back to the sickbed and in need of some Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.  So trust us when we say, we know it’s not easy.  We don’t want to put  a Band-Aid over a third-degree burn; we rather want to encourage you in whatever state you are in, irrespective of what you may have suffered or are currently suffering.

It’s interesting how in Luke 5:31-32, Jesus addresses the Pharisees who were judging guests at a banquet by saying, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor-sick people do.  I have come to call sinners to turn from their sins, not to spend my time with those who think they are already good enough.”  Let’s be honest, we all get a little sick or “in-between health” sometimes and are in need of some TLC and support.  While we at Being Encouraged can’t bring you the Chicken Noodle soup and cough-drops, we do hope that this online community will help you stay encouraged, inspired, and in tune with the purpose for which you were put on this earth.

We’d like to think of Being Encouraged as more than a website but rather an encouragement warehouse where what you have to say matters.  We recognize that becoming encouraged is a process, thus, “Being Encouraged”.  By sharing your stories, blog posts, and quotes, you could potentially be encouraging someone else to get through a challenge, overcome a difficult situation, or hone in on their purpose.  Your testimony could ignite the momentum, catalyzing a whole boatload of positivity!  This 2012 year, we’d like to form a community of encouragers and we are hoping that you’ll be encouraged to join us and then go out into your respective community and be the light that the world so desperately needs!  Keep smiling, because by smiling you’ll grow : )  We look forward to encouraging the world with you!


-Nathaniel Simons

Co-Founding Encourager C.F.E.

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