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Published on January 17th, 2012 | by Nathaniel


How actor Bryan McClure booked a role on Hawaii Five-0 (This is a true story)

Success is when readiness bear-hugs opportunity and my buddy, BMc (pronounced B-Mac-like Big-Mac), is getting a whole lot of love.  We met up today and had a chance to talk about his role.  This behind the scenes look into an actor’s journey is meant to encourage you to be purposeful and intentional in your pursuits.

Like many actors in Los Angeles area, Bryan’s trek has been a compound process that has involved improvisation classes, Meisner-technique, doing student films, belonging to an acting power group-basically hustling at every angle!  After agents and managers backfired, Bryan took things into his own hands.

Some months back, while at one of his Power Group meetings, Bryan received some information that Hawaii Five-0 casting was looking for local hires to work on set in O’ahu.  A “local-hire” is someone who can work on-set, providing his/her own housing and transportation.  Fast-forward a month and Bryan is taking a self-management class for actors, taught by Bonnie Gillespie.  One of his assignments is to compile a list of television shows that he’d be right for.  BMc digs into his research and strongly feels that he’d be right for Hawaii Five-0.  Through the actor-grapevine, he gets word that there is a role that he thinks he’d be perfect for.  He takes to his resources and realizes he has some friends in Hawaii whom he could crash with!  All gravy, right?  PREPARATION– check, OPPORTUNITY-check….what’s missing???


Remote Control….(Pause Button)- A big taboo in Hollywood is dropping off- anything- at a casting director’s office. Now, it’s beyond taboo if you’re one of the 1,116,183,198,552,847,920 actors in Los Angeles.

Remote Control…….(Play Button)- Bryan decides to forgo the “taboos” of acting and chooses to act on what he believes is intended for him.  He walks into the casting director’s office and drops off his headshot and resume. A week later he is called in to audition…and after some heavy audition prep, he books the role!

Bryan’s story is one of purpose and definition.  He didn’t “just” decide to put Hawaii Five-0 on his target show list.  He didn’t “just” decide to walk his headshot and resume in- he took calculated steps and acted with intention based off of his instincts.

Do you have a 2012 goal?  What steps have you calculated to achieve it? What actions have you taken? Are you willing to go after it, no matter how many people tell you “it’s impossible”? #gotime friends

Check out a clip from Bryan’s work on Hawaii Five-0 by checking out his demo reel:

-Nathaniel Simons
Co-Founding Encourager (C.F.E.) of Being Encouraged

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