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The Powerful Effect of A Fathers Affirmation

The Powerful Effect of A Fathers Affirmation

I was either in 2nd or 3rd grade when I received one of the most important words of wisdom of my lifetime. I even remember exactly where I was sitting…. It was on my parents’ king size bed…..I was near the edge of the bed and my dad was sitting on the end… I did not realize that he would teach me something that would alter the way I would live, think, and act… I’m sure your wondering what he said but wait- I can’t tell you yet. I first have to tell you if you’re a parent or a future parent the words that you tell your children stick- so watch carefully what you say. God has given parents a lot of influence over what happens in their children’s lives. Back to the story- I was chilling on the bed and there was my pops next to me and he said, “Son never ever say you can’t do something, because you CAN do anything! Don’t say the word can’t- only say you CAN.” Then he would tell me, “You CAN do it!” And I would yell, “I CAN do it!” As simple as this statement sounds, it has stuck with me and altered my life in so many profound ways.

Fathers have a very unique position because what they say or don’t say has an effect on a child- especially males. Boys are always looking for affirmation from their fathers and if they can’t get it from them they’ll find other means and other people to get it from. Why you do you think some young boys join gangs, clicks, or crews? They’re looking for that male affirmation and acceptance! I am fortunate my dad was around to speak words of affirmation and motivation in my life. I truly value it and cherish it. When a son hears his father say something motivational- that statement becomes law in that boys mind. That’s exactly what happened to me- what my father had said has become a law and I saw it as illegal to use the word can’t. To this very day, you will seldom hear me use the word “can’t” it feels like a cuss word rolling out of my mouth!

So I want to say to you… yes you- reading these same words that my dad told me- you can really do anything you put your mind to. Don’t allow “cant’s” to run your life. Even if you think you can’t, don’t say, “you can’t” because can’t is a limiter and automatically puts a cap on your belief and your faith. When I gave my life to God, my ability to believe I can do anything increased even more and some of the blessings I’ve seen happen in my life seem unbelievable. When you believe you can, you can do the things you think you can’t. One of my all-time favorite scriptures is Matthew 19:26 which says: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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