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Published on February 26th, 2012 | by Poetry Girl


It’s Time

it’s time

i was tired of the drama i was tired of the pain…

i was tired of the guilt i was tired of the shame…

a distorted imagery of false identity

from me portraying to be all but what YOU have called me to be…

here i am stuck, feeling hopeless and empty…

Yet still you call me?

WAIT A MINUTE WAIT A MINUTE!!! how could this possibly be..

when I’m so easily driven away by my own desires and needs…

Yet still in the midst of my storm i hear your voice calling me?

Telling me i do qualify so stop feeling unworthy..

And letting me know that the is no age limit on the anointing…

Saying before you formed me in my mothers womb you chose me…

Telling me to stop running from my destiny…

Its time!!!

Its time to take a stand and represent what is right..

Its time to take up your cross and follow after Christ..

Lord, You say it is my generation that will inherent the land

Showing me visions and dreams of your master plan…

Ya see this is the generation they call hopeless..

Yet Lord this is the generation you call BLESSED..

Destined for greatness

Your chosen Your elect..

For such a time as this

You’re pouring out your spirit

Not just on the popes  the pastors and the priest..

But on your young people who are called to preach..

Your young people standing recognizing its a spiritual war..

Your young people who never go to battle with out their sword..

Your young people who walk by faith and not by sight..

Your young people who aren’t ashamed to do whats right…

In a world so twisted by political opinions and negative statistics

its up to us to be the light..

Shining through for the hurting and lost souls…

Allowing our love to melt a heart that’s cold..

Bringing hope to the hopeless..

Comfort to the comfortless..

Giving the discouraged motivation..

Lord, are their any pioneers left to path the way for our generation…

And make an impact on this nation???

Lead and direct me their way…

So here i am standing before you today….

Letting you know  that its time…..

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