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7 Things I’ve Realized from the Death of my Brother Kobby

7 Things I’ve Realized from the Death of my Brother Kobby

On February 25th 2012 my older brother Kobby Simons went home to be with the Lord. I must say it has been the worst day of my life thus far and it is not easy coping with the absence of his presence. He had a major impact on my life and always will, not only did he impact me but his wife, his children, my other siblings, nieces and nephews his parents, his friends, his co-workers, church family, and so many others. I have learned a lot through this grieving process and I feel it’s important I share what I’ve learned for others who go through the loss of a loved one or have gone through the loss of a loved one before. To be honest I have had trouble writing for because it’s such a discouraging time in my life and my family’s lives. I know Kobb would have wanted me to continuing encouraging others so I must press on towards the mark and the purpose God has for me. Therefore I dedicate this site in honor of my older brother Kobby Simons.  Here are the 7 things I learned that you should not take lightly:

 1.    Always take time out for people no matter what.

My brother and me went out to eat lunch after church one Sunday at Sizzler’s and this guy who appeared homeless, was asking for money and my brother said, “I don’t have much money but if your hungry you can come eat lunch with us.” My brother paid for his meal and we sat, prayed and ate with the gentleman. My brother told him about the love of God and showed it to him. He was like this at all times in which he would take time out his schedule to help people and acknowledge people. Kobb would give you all his attention when he was talking to you and make you feel like you were the only person in the world at the time. We must learn to give all of ourselves to each other in the moments we share. We should never let our schedules distract us from the small moments we have with one another for that is the very thing life is made of.

2.    Sow quality time into your family.

Family is the most important group of people you will ever be apart of and its imperative that we spend genuine time getting to know our family members and building solid relationships with them. My brother Kobb was the glue for my family and he held us together and made sure we united as one. As he got married and had children, he did the same thing and instilled family values and the importance of family into his immediate family. My sister in law told me one of the things my brother and his family would do every night is pray and read the bible together as a family. Follow my brother’s example and always make time for family because the time you spend with your family is priceless and will shape their perception of life.

3.    Smile and be uplifting at all times.

I cannot recall a time in which my brother carried a frown on his face; he always had a smile on his face. The reason is because he never let what he was going through, externally get in on the inside of him. This is a great principle to apply to our lives because your mere smile and countenance can brighten someone else’s day that may be having a rough day. My brother was a very positive and uplifting person and if you were discouraged around him you wouldn’t be that way for long around him. He always made sure to pour encouragement into others. That’s how we should all live, when people come around you and I they should feel refreshed, recharged and better than they were before coming into our presence.

4.    Greet and hug people as if it’s your last.

I will never forget one of the last hugs me and my brother had, it was nearly a whole minute we embraced each other. Who knew it would be one of my last hugs with him. That is a memory I will always cherish and hold on to. My brother was the type of person to greet and hug people as if he hadn’t seen you in a long time, even if he had seen you the day before. I’ve decided I will take my greetings more seriously and show family and friends how enthused I am to see them in my greetings and in my hugs. Be purposeful about acknowledging people and showing them you love them through embrace because without it they may not know how much you love them.

5.    Treat other people as if, it’s the last time your going to see them.

This is very similar to the previous point but not exactly the same because this is more than a greeting. I’m referring to challenges you have with others and those adversities you may have with a loved one that keeps you from talking or being around them. I am so glad my brother and I always communicated any differences we had with one another by sitting down and talking through them. Then soon after we go back to one another in love as if nothing happened. We must resolve our issues with others quickly because one can only imagine the pain from a grudge with a loved one that passed away. Visualize the pain, guilt, and shame you would feel for holding on to something that caused division. Life is too short to bear grudges, lets love one another and work things out no matter how difficult that process is because no grudge is worth holding on to.

 6.    Unconditional love is the best tool to point others to Christ

The most remarkable moment I shared with my brother was a time I had gone out with some friends and got myself into a whole lot of trouble and I didn’t know whom I should call. I called my brother Kobby and he came to pick me up, clean me up, and encourage me. He didn’t judge me nor ridicule me; instead he shared the love of Christ with me and corrected me in a loving way. This kind act that he did totally changed my life and when I gave my life to God it was a moment that stood out in drawing me closer to God. People can care less about our theology, scriptures, prayers, and sermons until they see the love of Christ in us. We can only win people to God with our love and we must love like God loves which is unconditional no matter the circumstance. I will be forever grateful to my brother Kobby for showing me this type of love.

 7.    Only what you do for eternity will last.

One of the major realizations I had from being at my older brothers funeral was that my brother is truly with the Lord and lived a Godly life that impacted others. He was concerned of the spiritual condition of others at all times and was mindful to involve God in most of his conversations. A lot of people say only what you do for Christ will last, which is true but also what you do for the devil will last also. If we don’t live for Christ we automatically are living for the devil and the deeds and things we do will all go with us to eternity whether that is heaven or hell. I’m thankful to God for Jesus who was sent to forgive our sins so that we can be saved from hell by our belief in Him. So if you haven’t done so you can give your life to Jesus today, so on the day you die you can spend eternity with Jesus just like my brother Kobby is right now…

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  1. Kevin Earnest says:

    David- my name is Kevin Earnest. I was Kob’s supervisor at Child Guidance, but he was my friend before that time. Today, three years later, is the first time l saw this writing! Kobby had a huge impact on my life and I sure miss him. I hope you and your family are doing well and I thank you for these words!! God bless all of you!


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