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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by djprophetic


Redemption for the Sick

Redemption for the Sick

 By: Faith B.

Time to put things on blast, cuz I’m sick.

 Sick and tired of wearing this mask

For too long I’ve been suppressing, wrestling, left everyone just guessing

Every time my parents said “this is just a phase”, I felt more enraged, caged

I was caged inside of a mental prison, couldn’t find one soul to listen

So I lied to myself so many times, that my lying thoughts began to rhyme

“Don’t worry I’m fine!”, believed I had different sides,

 Call me Jeckle and Hide

At night I cried because I was dead inside.

No longer alive, just sick. Sick and Tired

The Christ knew I needed to be revived

In Year four, the year I believed I was a whore,

Every other week I could just count on being sore

Falling deeper in sin every time I let him in,

Remember hearin’ criticism

He said, “thank you for your services, you can get up and go”

Go? Tears just began to flow, right out of my soul.

Constantly traded and sold…

I was in Satan’s choke hold.

Just Sick. Sick and Tired.

I wanted to speak, but I was too weak

So God spoke and said, “daughter I know you bleed, but just reach to me, fall on your knees”

So I fell flat on my face…and cried out

It was only by his grace…

God erased the hurt and pain

I was no longer displaced,

 Resting now in the redeemers arms

Time to finish this race

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