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The Day God Grew Taller

The Day God Grew Taller

By: Keenan Wilson

Have you ever noticed when a tall person enters a room, it seems to change the atmosphere a bit. Something in the environment seems to shift. Maybe it’s their crazy height, closeness with the cloud or maybe it’s just my internal cry as an average height fella rapping “Too $hort” Lyrics in my spare time. Anyway, listen, when a tall person enters a situation, people began to see power and potential. Suddenly cats spontaneously climb trees…just to create an opportunity to be pulled down. Cups hop into the very top shelves of cabinets…begging to be drunk from, and basketball hoops spontaneously appear…craving to be dunked on. It’s an interesting phenomena that had me thinking.

God must be ridiculously tall. If God is tall then there is no one taller. If God could be tall, than He pretty much was the first to ever be tall. So, I’m really not talking about height per say, but what I am talking about is power and potential. If God is tall then God is power and potential. Quite some time ago, John said this about God, in the first paragraph and third sentence of the book  he penned: “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” Those are some pretty serious credentials. Nothing was made without Him that made it.

Inside this amazing God was everything that is anything, and anything that is something is from God. God, therefore, is power and potential. There’s this really cool word that describes God’s position in our reality, its called pre-emin-ence.  When I think about the preeminence of God (the position of having nothing above, nothing greater, and nothing before) it makes everything else fail in comparison, it makes everything else weak, it makes everything else ridiculously short and small. When I think about the challenges that I face or the issues that sometime seem to dominate my thinking, I like to imagine this incredibly tall God walking in the room, pulling cats out of trees, taking cups down, and solving every type of issue and concern. Simply because when He shows up, power and potential themselves show up. Seriously, I’ve been going through it! In my Life it seems like trouble comes and before it has a chance to go, it comes again. It’s ridiculous in about 37 different ways. The other day, I was laying in my bed and I just started laughing at the fact that Stress and Adversity will always be a part of my life. They will be with me until I breathe my last breath. I told God that if they were going to be here too, then I would need Him to change the way I saw them. Guess what happened? He changed the way I saw them. Stress and Adversity are my friends now. One pushes me and the other pulls, but it makes me stronger.  I won’t let Adversity push me in the chest without forcing it to become the ground I walk on. I won’t let Stress be a weight on my life that just pulls me down. I curl stress now, allowing my mental and spiritual muscles to get stronger with each rep. God did that. God, being power and potential, showed up and began to change things. That’s simply Who He is. When we grant Him full access, His power and potential show up and things simply can’t stay the same for long. When we grant Him the access He deserves, we will watch Him grow taller in our lives.

What is your challenge? Some hidden issue? Is your money telling more jokes than Kevin Hart? Are you having relationship issues?  Are longing for purpose in your Life? Whatever it may be…

Here’s the reality : God is truly above all, God is truly before all and He is madly in Love with us.

Whatever the issue or challenge God is older and wiser than it. God was before it. Heck God made it! It’s just our understanding of it that makes it flawed, but like He did with me, He can fix that too. God is stronger than it. God is taller than it, and God can solve it, fix it, or destroy it. All He requires is our permission to enter. Then cats can be pulled out of trees, cups can be pulled from shelves, and hoops can be dunked on. He is power and potential, and He is ridiculously tall. Best news I’ve ever heard in my whole life, is that that same God is madly in love with us. He is itching on the sidelines with his warm up on, ready to get in the game, and ready to shatter the rim. I think it’s about time to let Him in.

Are you facing a challenge? Are you in need of Potential Himself to show up and handle the situation?

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