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Published on September 6th, 2012 | by djprophetic


I’ve Never Met a Broke Philanthropist

I’ve Never Met a Broke Philanthropist 

By: David Simons

“He who dies with wealth, dies with shame.” -Andrew Carnegie

I've Never Met A Broke Philanthropist

I’ve Never Met A Broke Philanthropist

I desire to be rich! Yes I said it- RICH…Very…Very RICH & Wealthy! A lot of people are not able to read this statement without thinking “I bet he loves money”, “I bet he is materialistic”, or “I bet he just wants to exploit people and drive his Bentley to his $6.6 million dollar mansion”.Well the truth is I do want to be wealthy and I want you to be wealthy too! In fact I want you to be even wealthier than me! Do I love money? No, but I do think money takes on the shape of its owner. (I’ll explain this later) Am I materialistic? No, I’m actually a very simple guy. Do I want a Bentley and a $6.6 million dollar house? No, not necessarily- but I am not opposed to nice things. Then, why you ask, do I want to be rich and why would I want you to be rich?

I want to be rich and wealthy for one reason- to give! I have seen more poverty in the lives of others than I want to remember. I have also seen a lack in my own family- problems that could easily be solved with a little more money. I have seen children around the world who lack the opportunity to have an education, access to food, water, and proper healthcare. Here in the United States, I’ve come across plenty of homeless people who feel hopeless and dejected. I have seen organizations that want to help people and they can’t because they are lacking an essential element. All these problems have one thing in common, they need money. I’m sure you have come across people in situations like I have mentioned above or you yourself may be going through some financial difficulty.

Problem- We’ve grown up thinking it’s wrong to be wealthy and it’s wrong to be rich. We are taught just to have enough needed to feed our families and take care of our households. Yes, we should take care of our households but is that it? Doesn’t that sound kind of selfish? “I want to make enough money for me and my family but not enough to help a kid who has no school supplies?” This is backwards thinking- the first thing we need to do is change our mindsets! Having money is not wrong. Letting money have you is wrong. Money takes on the image of its owner. If you are a giver when you get a lot of money, you will be a bigger giver; if you are stingy right now you will be even stingier once you get more money. Some blame money for causing peoples characteristics to change but money, in itself, cannot cause anyone to do anything evil. Money is neutral. In actuality money is a magnifier and it reveals someone’s heart to his or her self.

You see I have been a giver all my life. If I had something and somebody wanted, I would give it to them. I’m not going to go into all the things I have given in my life but I know they are nowhere near the amount of money and things that I want to give. I want to be a billionaire and I believe I will be. But not just for me and my family. What am I going to do with a BILLION dollars? I know exactly what I am going to do. First I am going to make sure my wife and children have all they need. Second, I am going to take care of family members who want an education or want to start a business. Third, I am going to help the nations. I want to build schools, foundations, and organizations. Why? To develop people’s minds so that they can better themselves in every area of their lives. I am going to give millions to churches so that they can send out missionaries to various countries. I also plan to help the economic development of African countries so that they can sustain without the help of financial aid. I plan to help my Uncle and Aunt who are medical doctors that have an organization called ICHV with a goal of providing medical care to those who have no access to it. If God grants you wealth, can you be trusted to give it away?

How can I do all these things without money? The truth is I can’t and neither can you. So we have to develop our mindsets to think of money as a tool that we can use to give and not just to get. Do you have family members that need help financially? Do you have loved ones who could use a financial boost? Is there a burden on your heart to help a certain group of people? Well, you’re going to need to acquire money to help them. If you want money for your own selfish gain I’m not advocating that wealth come your way but if you genuinely want to use wealth for God’s kingdom and the benefit of others, I pray that God gives you the power to get wealth to establish His covenant on the earth.

Let’s take a look at some millionaires and billionaires who are using their wealth to help others:

  • Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar & his wife Pam Omidyar-Omidyar Network-  They invest in businesses and nonprofits that aim for social change.
  • Thomas Siebel-The Meth Project -Tech billionaire Siebel zeroed in on methamphetamine after a pal in Montana, who happens to be a sheriff, showed him how the homemade drug was devastating rural America. Siebel, 57 years old, bankrolled a massive ad campaign in Montana — 2,000 billboards across the state, 61,000 TV spots — to warn teens. Result: Montana dropped from its No. 5 ranking in the country for meth abuse to No. 39.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- With $34 billion in assets and more on the way from Warren Buffett, this is by far the world’s largest foundation. It’s also hugely ambitious, aiming for such goals as an AIDS vaccine. That could take a decade or more to realize, but Bill Gates doesn’t mind.
  • Helen and Swanee Hunt-Women Moving Millions-These two daughters of Texas oil mogul H.L. Hunt are harnessing the power of other wealthy women to help women at large. They tap successful women across the country to write checks for at least $1 million for women’s causes ranging from basic health to job training. They have raised $180 million in just three years.
  • Brad Pitt-Make It Right Foundation- Brad Pitt pledged $5 million toward 150 new low-income homes in New Orleans is classic high-impact philanthropy. The project, aimed at the neighborhood hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina, already is being copied by other foundations and governments.
  • Howard G. Buffett Howard G. Buffett Foundation Warren Buffett in 2006 gave each of his three children an extra $1 billion or so to fund their philanthropic endeavors. Howard, who is a farmer himself, is helping displaced African farmers return to their homes and resume work in areas like Kenya, Somalia and Darfur.
  • Jennifer and Peter Buffett of the NoVo Foundation- Peter Buffett who is the second son of Warren Buffett, and his wife, Jennifer, focus their philanthropy squarely on helping women and girls in developing nations. Source: www.Barrons.Com


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