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5 Things Every Single Person Must Learn Before Getting Married

5 Things Every Single Person Must learn before getting Married

It feels great to be married- I’m blessed to have a great wife who is committed to becoming her best for me. I’m also striving to be my best for her. However, in this process I’ve had to change my mindset about a few things- as every man does.  Since getting married, my family, friends, and acquaintances are always asking,  “How’s married life?” I tell them the same thing every time, “It’s great and I am learning….” But I realized the people who are still single might oversimplify that statement so I thought I’d share exactly what I’ve been learning. And if you intend on getting married, it’s the same process you’ll go through.

1.    Check in with your spouse before you plan something

This principle is something that I was reminded of this past weekend, when I was scheduling an event and my wife said to me, “Did you check in on our calendar?” Shamefully I replied, “Oops, my bad sweetie” She was fine with me scheduling the event but she gently reminded me of principal number 1, which is: “Check in with your spouse before you plan something.” When you’re single, you plan whatever you want whenever you want.  In marriage, you will learn that you share your time with your spouse, so you have to be accountable to him/her.

2.    Your hygiene is now their hygiene

God was not joking when He said the two will become one. Your body is no longer your body. I remember when I was single, it didn’t matter what I wore around the house, if I drank orange juice from the carton, if I decided not to make my bed etc. etc. Once you’re married you have to be considerate to your spouse by making sure your hygiene is in order because your smell affects them, your dirty laundry affects them, and even your scents. For instance sometimes when I come home from work, I’m too tired to take a shower so I get in bed with plans to go to sleep. I then ask my wife to join me on my side of the bed and she says, “No sweetie your side of the bed is dirty”. (Obviously now I have an incentive to stay clean if you know what I mean) The sooner you understand this lesson, the better…Yeah, this one took me a while.

 3.    You cant just “kick it” all the time

It’s cool to hang out with your “boys” or have a “girls” night out, but you can’t just “kick it” like you used to, you have an immediate family now. In your college days, maybe you remember hanging out till 3 or 4 in the morning, not having to keep your eye on the time. As a married man or woman, time is very crucial to the development of your marriage and if a lot of your time is spent hanging out, you may come home to your own personal hangout on the couch.

4.    You have a Full Time Accountant Now

If you’re single and you get a paycheck, the first thing you generally do is take care of all your necessities. . As a married person, “your” money is no longer just “your” money because your spending habits directly affect your spouse for good or for bad.  If you’re used to going on shopping sprees every pay day, you may have some adjustments to make before you get married because every dollar has to be monitored in marriage by both of you.

5.    Your Momma, Your Daddy and siblings are 3rd priority

This one may hurt some feelings but it is essential if you want to have a successful marriage. In Genesis 2:24 the bible says “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Fellas you can’t call your momma and complain when you and your wife are having issues, ladies you can’t call your dad and cry about how your husband is treating you. Your marriage is your marriage; no one should be in your marriage besides you, your spouse, and God. If your spouse has needs to be met and your parents are asking you to do something at the same time, you must learn to respectfully tell your parents that you have to cater to your spouse. Remember this order: God, spouse, and then family. If you’re single right now and you don’t know if you can allow someone to have a higher priority than your family members, you may want seek God for the right time to pursue marriage.

I pray these tips help you and cause you to think wisely about the covenant of marriage that you may enter into. Marriage has a lot of wonderful aspects and if you go into it with a single mindset, you will cause more harm to yourself and your potential spouse.

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