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Published on January 4th, 2013 | by Nathaniel


Encouraging Poetry: Unbox Your Art

Question: What if life was illuminated by colors?
What if art revealed God’s gift packaged in hearts bound by covers?
What if the balance beam for life was a meadow of creativity expressed in a window medium?
What if the lenses of my eye frames were not shaped between large, small, and smedium?
What if photographs sculpted the words our hearts feared to radiate?
To think that rampant thoughts would no longer be bound in a structure because I paid a rate,
His body functions by the gifts blessed from a God defined by SIGNIFICANCE,
Questioning my abilities, talents, distinctions- but realizing his deck of cards holds no rig of chance,
Because Corinthians Chapter 12 details that we were designed, not shuffled for to be components of Christ,
Therefore, the gifts that I and you have been blessed with are mandated to be used as proponents of life,
Wishing to be the basketball-player- dreaming of freezing time like D-Wade or busing a fade with 2.5 on the shot-clock like Kobe,

Not-eye-door wide to the seed of creativity he planted within the soil below me,
And that the fertilizer needed to manifest was behind the pages His truth brings,
Eager to woo the ladies with a voice like Luther seasoned with some Maxwell flying some “Pretty Wings,”
Not heart-untied to the mind curtailed with an ability to word-smith life with art,
Recognizing the gifts below the clouds that haze a start,
Progression of this un-conventionalism is illustrated by the meaning of the protest she photographed,
Because her art could not be defined by the words she wrote and mapped,
Hearts united on the rolling log of life as it commenced,
Could not be scripted because her photography depicted life un-fenced,
Awake to the truth that Kodak un-clothed the reality words could not,
Shaping the face of a figure that a Cannon had shot,
Because the crayola box of colors that shade her and my gifts-
Generates rifts to those who cannot comprehend that His word breathing in art might save a life the same way a triple bypass or a justice-ridden lawyer can,
That His word-living in art can replenish the wholeness of a down and drained man,
Because gifts are meant to be unwrapped, unsealed, and uncovered,
Because life’s purpose revolves around unboxing, unlocking , the gifts once undiscovered

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