Encouraging Poetry Poem "This Girl" by Dj Prophetic

Published on January 12th, 2013 | by djprophetic


Poem: “This Girl” by Dj Prophetic

Poem “This Girl” by Dj Prophetic

Poem "This Girl" by Dj Prophetic

Poem “This Girl” by Dj Prophetic

Lord this girl got me yearning for her/
i stay up late to learn of her/
she got me trippin because of her ways with words/
im not even concerned about the breast or curves/
being with her & living the rest of my life getting to know her is enough/
she got me eating healthy/
tips on how to become godly & wealthy/
this woman supports me in all i do always whispering sweet nuggets in my ear/
she teaches me how to speak and she calms down all my fears/
i promise she keeps me at attention listening patiently with open ears/ she so gentle and sweet i dont even mind when she corrects me/
just to be with her is a treat/
im so in love with her my heart skips beats when i hear her speak/
she helps me watch for jealous women who try to get me astray/
she’s like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day/ she always calls my name so humble not prideful and loves it when i do what i say/ ive never met a woman of her calibur with so much integrity/ She always in the Word & has a close relationship with the Lord/she tells me to memorize the scriptures by heart so i can pull it out and use it like a sword/ not to boast but many men try to get at her/ she’s so pure and true that most flee because of her stature/
she reveals their motives and tells them the piercing truth/
dang she is so fine i wish i met her in my youth/
i dont mind her getting to know the depths of my soul/
she is the only woman ive ever told baby you can have complete control/ dudes call me a sell out but i tell em my girl ” wisdom” is sweeter than silver and more precious than gold.

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