Encouraging Poetry The Gift Buried within

Published on January 24th, 2013 | by djprophetic


The Gift Buried Within

The Gift Buried Within

A Poem by: Dj Prophetic
The Gift Buried within
Lord the hardest thing I’ve ever had to give is not a material possession/
this things much more valuable than cars, jewelry, houses or any other blessing/ when put in the wrong hands this gift becomes a deadly weapon/
I’ve seen so many wounded people shot by its devastating effects/
some become coldblooded, angry, upset, and filled with neglect/
some disassociate themselves from others for fear of the pain, hurt, and regret/
I myself have been exposed to this mental pain and torment/
its highly contagious and its in schools, the workplace, relationships, and even the pulpit/people give it freely but get it back in a mangled condition/
some people stop giving it for fear of going through the same stressful repetition/ I must say the effects from the damages it causes can put you in a stale position/
instead of viewing others as teammates they become the opposition/
instead of taking the obvious opportunities, one begins to question/
What draws the line between foolishness and learning your lesson/
because if we are not careful the very tool that can bring us joy can cause us disheartening depression/as i ponder to myself Lord I have to make this confession/
if I don’t, being closed off and cold hearted will become an obsession/
The very tool I am talking about that can be used as a weapon is TRUST/
even when I say this word the damaged parts in my heart continue to rust/
I know everyone on this earth has had a painful experiencing with people that have caused them to mistrust/and truthfully that’s the enemy’s tactic to keep the pain inside till we mentally self-combust/
if he can isolate us from others it makes it easier for him to attack us/
I know it’s not easy to trust when your trust has been broken/
or have hope when your dreams have been stolen/
all I know is one thing that I need my Savior to console in/
because without him the pain from people will leave our hearts so salvaged & swollen/whether it was a relationship, marriage, business, church, family, or friend/ we end up losing if we do not open up our hearts again/
as crazy as that sounds trust bring opportunities that bitterness cant imagine/mistrust leads to disgust and will cause seasons of stagnation to happen/
who you have chosen to trust in life can bring your life to wonderful journeys and erase the pains of sadness/ when you live in the painful memories of the past your awesome future gets cut short/
because your life will be vacationing to a destination where pain gets no resort/
I know this because I’m experiencing it and have experienced it before/
but I’m telling you now I’m not going to allow this pain to ruin me anymore/
I will put all my trust in you Lord and the people you want in my life I wont hold back anything against them for what happened in my past before/
this is an internal struggle I know I will have to face over and over again/
but Lord I wont run and I wont lose because if I cling to you I will always win/
From this day forward my prayer Father is to give me the ability to trust again/ after mistreatment and mistrust have tried to enter in/
help me to pull out and give to others the gift of trust that I’ve buried within/

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