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Is your glass half full or empty?

Have you ever experienced those moments when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going?  You know- when there’s SO much to do the smallest task seems impossible to accomplish and at the same time your friends and family need you emotionally too? You don’t want to feel guilty for not “being there” so you sacrifice yourself, managing to bare everyone elses tough moments while you’ve placed yours on the back burner? I can relate.

It’s so easy to lose sight of your own tasks when you do not prioritize and decide not to put yourself first. Just so this is clear, I don’t mean putting yourself first in a selfish manner where the world revolves solely around you. But rather, putting yourself first in the context of realizing you cannot help someone else unless you’ve also been helped. For years I struggled with this. I was the girl who tried to complete ten tasks while simultaneously shouldering friends,and comforting family. When it came down to it, I was imbalanced. It became apparent to me that some people will make you feel guilty for not being able to bare what they’ve brought upon themselves! But we must realize that people can only put the amount of weight on you that you, yourself, allow them to. So in my case, I decided it was time to remove the cloud of guilt and fill up my own glass.

Nothing is more important than balancing the mind, body and spirit. The three are designed to work in unison. If your mind is cluttered, your body is fatigued, or your spirits are not at ease, it will be difficult to function at full capacity. Although it may not be a popular opinion, it is more than okay to reserve time for yourself. Every individual needs a moment of solitude for peace of mind. In 2 Peter 3:17, we are instructed not to take on the tasks and situations of others if it causes us to lose our own balance.

In order to keeping your balance and peace sacred, it is important to do the following:

1) Know your boundaries. Know what you can and cannot physically add to your cart of things to accomplish. Having an understanding of your boundaries will also teach you how to say “no” and to relieve your load. Don’t  feel guilty. It’s healthy to takeat least 30 minutes to check-in and spend time with yourself.

2) Eat healthy and exercise. There is so much more to eating healthy and exercise than weight loss. When it comes to food, what you put into your body is what comes out. So if you’re consuming junk, you’ll feel like junk. I personally live by the rule, “If it doesn’t spoil, you shouldn’t be eating it” (but that’s a whole different post). When it comes to exercise, you’d be amazed how a 20min walk will stimulate the brain and ease tension. It’s important to remember that you and your body are in a long term relationship. Treat it with care. Don’t neglect your temple (1 Corinthians 6:19).

3) Let go of what doesn’t serve to better you. Often times, we give our energy to what we consider to be important. Therefore, take the responsibility to make the choice  to place your energy towards what prospers you.

4) And lastly, for your spirit, read the Word. God’s Word is to our spirit as food is to our stomach. It will keep you nourished, encouraged, and remind us that in Him is where we find rest (Matthew 11:28-29).

                                               Is your glass half full, or empty? 

Place two cups in front of you. Leave one empty and fill the other cup to the rim with water-symbolizing the mind, body,and spirit being completely full. This is how each day should begin. Now for each task, situation, or emotion, pour a little water into the empty cup. If in the end your glass is empty, you’re giving too much of yourself, your time and energy without anything beneficial pouring into you. For your sake, strive to keep your cup half full.



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