This has been such an amazing chapter in my life. The move to California has sparked a renaissance, so to speak, of my character. I remember my childhood; no matter how poor or hungry we were, I was carefree. It wasn’t easy going a day without eating, but I learned to put my faith in my mom. I never worried about getting evicted or living on the streets because I put blind faith in my support system.
I always hear people saying that they wish they could go back to their childhood- a time when they had no worries. I had to stop and ask myself, if I didn’t worry then, why do I worry now? Is it because of the expectations I put on myself? Is it because I’m afraid to take that chance and succeed? Notice, I didn’t say fail because I’ve decided to put blind faith in the Lord.  As an adult, I’ve had my fair share of struggles. I would often lay in my bed all night worrying if I was making the right decisions. It became second nature to guess every move I made. One morning, however, I had an epiphany. I decided whenever I felt worry consume my thoughts, I would just pray on it. The weirdest things started happening to me; it was nothing shy of amazing.
At the beginning of March, I had problem with my monthly stipend that pays all my bills. I remember waking up that morning feeling sick and full of worry. I was telling myself I wasn’t going to get out of bed.All of a sudden, something sparked me to read my bible. I opened up to the book of Matthew and just started reading. There wasn’t anything extraordinary that happened; I just felt the worry melting away and a spirit rejuvenation taking over. The next morning, I checked my email and my financial aid for the semester had been credited to my account. I don’t care what you say, I know that was a blessing! The Lord came through and provided just what I needed and not a moment too soon or a moment too late. I know a situation might feel overwhelming, but instead of worrying and putting undue pressure on yourself, be faithful and He will provide.
Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.