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Published on April 11th, 2013 | by Nathaniel


What is Your Body Text Messaging You?


Persistent headaches, flues from the deathly hollows of Hades, joint pain like nobody’s business- when are we going to get the picture? Our bodies communicate with us in the most obvious of ways, yet, we still choose to ignore its telecommunication efforts. Sometimes it’s an indisposed telephone call from our stomach that maybe that extra five-cheese pizza wasn’t the best idea. Sometimes it’s a subtle text message from our fractured knee that maybe it’s time to stop pretending we’re still a vivacious 20 year old. Or sometimes it’s a long-form email drafted in full-detail by a debilitating hang-over that maybe you shouldn’t have done that three minute keg stand at Frat-boy Joe’s last night.

You’re a grade-A-hard-worker. I get it. But does your body? Remember the last time you got a headache? What was your go-to? Maybe you popped in a couple of generic aspirin and went right back to work… didn’t you? We live in a society that emphasizes overworking, prides itself in getting less sleep, and denies employees the ability prioritize their health above the bottom line. What I’ve realized in trusting God through overcoming a disease is that I purposely missed all of the warning signs. You can check out my previous post here:

I’m one of those people who believed in working through the pain. I thought stress was just a good litmus test that I was making headway on achieving everything I was supposed to in life. I think we all have a tendency to think when we’re working hard, we’re working productively. In that case, that makes us all undoubtedly wrong. Often, we fail to recognize that the stress we’re experiencing is impeding efficiency and effectiveness. My sophomore year of college, I had no problem hitting the gym, attending a full-schedule of classes, working a shift, driving to Los Angeles for acting class and back at 1am to have to finish a paper for an 8am class. I don’t want to exalt my situation because I think many of us work hard but I do want to point out that this was my normal routine. And in it, I was lacking sleep, rarely made time for friends or fun, and was so focused that I was focused even when I wasn’t focused.  Now I’m working with two teams of doctors to overcome a disease and get back to a full state of health. I don’t wholly blame my routine and schedule but I know it didn’t help.

Maybe you overwhelm your itinerary in the hopes of doing more and having more. Maybe you work a 60 hour-week, full-time job to get benefits, health insurance included. And by the grit that you grind, you’re necessitating the use of that health insurance to treat a chronic disease, which has now put you on bed-rest and in jeopardy of losing your job, the beloved benefits, and yes, the health insurance that had you phoning for Chinese into the wee night because you were at the office still burning the midnight oil. Or maybe you work hard but you enjoy your two-week (1/26th of a year) vacation in Hawaii, which is only inundated with obligations to the job that gave you the resources to pay for a vacation that you are currently not enjoying. When does the madness stop?

I believe in hard work. I believe in dedication. I believe in commitment to a purpose greater than ourselves. But we have to realize when our work and our attitude toward work become detrimental to living a success-filled and happy life. We’ve been called to be gatekeepers over our bodies. God has entrusted us with these earthly tents, requesting that we give them the nutrients, rest, exercise, and passion that they so longingly call for. What is the purpose of an $800,000 PDiddy yacht or $5 million house in the Hamptons if we don’t have the physical, mental, or spiritual health to the enjoy them? God has infused our bodies with numerous mechanisms for communication. If we’re wise enough to listen to the communication system inside of our bodies, maybe we won’t lose reception down the line.

“Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”  ~Denis Waitley

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