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Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Nathaniel


Maybe You Were Just Meant to be a Late Bloomer


My apologies to all my brothas in advance…my bad to compare ya’ll to flowers but “transformers” seemed like too far of a stretch from where I wanted to take this post!

Have you ever felt yourself in a dry season? A period of extended waiting? An extended bracket of time when your dreams seem to have been placed on deferment like your loans from that private university you went to in Downtown Los Angeles?

There’s something humbling in knowing that before a flower becomes a saturated object of beauty and glory, it’s a protected, modest, bulb. Even the word “bulb” sounds mundane. The most spectacular flower has gone through extended periods of waiting as a tear-drop-shaped chlorophyll-stained bulb By no means am I a flower expert (I used to think all flowers were roses), but there’s something special about the last flower to bloom. These late bloomers often command the attention, not for their magnificence but because of their patient endurance- allowing us to hope for their glorious reveal.

Who is a late bloomer- aside from that girl in high school who you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole but is now super-fine…and gives you no time…? It always happens…(I know my brothas feel me on this one!). A late bloomer is an individual who’s potential or talent is not visible to others until an extended period of time has expired. [DS1]
Often times, we don’t realize the patient endurance that successful people in the public eye have gone through. It’s easy to think they have it all when in reality they went through seasons so dry, their ankles are still ashy and crackling. Here is a list of famous people/ late bloomers who were previously homeless:

1. Drew Carey (actor/comedian/host)- once lived in his car
2. Kurt Cobain (singer/songwriter)- outdoor camping under a bridge in Washington
3. Daniel Craig (actor)- park bench in London while a struggling actor
4. Kelsey Grammer (actor/producer)- outdoor camping in back of theater
5. Djimon Housou (actor/model)- 2 years near the Eiffel Tower in Paris
6. Jewel (singer/songwriter)- in a VW van with her mother
7. Randy Johnson (football player)- homeless shelter in Florida
8. Eartha Kitt (singer/actress)- NYC rooftops
9. David Letterman (comedian/host)- Chevy pick-up truck
10. Dr. Phill (host/ psychologist)- car in Kansas with his father
11. Jim Morrison (singer/songwriter)- rooftops/cars in Venice Beach, CA
12. Suze Orman (financial guru/author)- in car while working as a tree cutter
13. Tyler Perry (actor/producer/director)- in his car in Atlanta, GA
14. Joan Rivers (comedienne/host)- in her car
15. Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC/ entrepreneur)- backseat of a car
16. William Shatner (actor/director)- pick-up truck with a camper
17. Rom Thomas (singer/songwriter)- 3 years on park benches
18. Shania Twain (singer)- homeless shelter/ bus station
19. Charlie Wilson (singer)- outdoor camping in Hollywood for 3 years
20. Sam Worthington (actor)- in his car before booing role in Avatar

The list of people who have gone through parched and dehydrated seasons before they received and attained the glory God had in store for them could go and on. One particular example I love from the bible- probably my favorite story, is the story of Joseph. In Genesis 37-50, the bible chronicles how he was ultimately lifted through glory despite seasons of trials. Here’s a brief summary:

Joseph was one of Jacob’s favored sons. One day he shares a dream with his brothers who in turn become jealous and decide to sell their brother into slavery. He was taken to Egypt and sold to Potiphar, an official in Pharaoh’s household. Potiphar’s wife wanted to play cougar and made sexual advances after the young Joseph, who rejected her. When he did, she lied and said Joseph tried to rape her and he was sent to prison. While in prison, God allowed Joseph to exercise his gift of interpreting dreams. Two years later, Pharaoh had Joseph interpret one of his dreams and subsequently put Joseph in charge of all Egypt, directly under himself. Joseph’s brothers later came to Egypt, during an intense famine, to beg for food and without knowing it, they were begging Joseph. Joseph later revealed himself to his family and became the deliver for his lineage.

In your season of drought, know that God is giving you the ability to exercise your gifting. “Never giving up” means taking life moment by moment, trusting that when God does lift you up, it will ultimately be to glorify not only your name, but most importantly His.

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