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5 Timeless Lessons I’ve Learned from my Mother

5 Timeless Lessons I’ve Learned from my Mother

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A Mother is a true gift from God and all those who have been blessed with mothers or mother figures know the innate wisdom that resides in them. I’m sure we can all agree there is so much we can learn from our mothers if we take the time to listen.

1.    Hard work doesn’t kill

My mother is one of the most hard working women I’ve ever met and she modeled it through her four 12 hour working days each week. If that isn’t enough, she would hit the gym on Mondays and Tuesdays and run me and my brother around to extracurricular events. She dedicated Sundays to church (she almost never missed a service and still doesn’t) and grocery shopping. She always told me, “David, hard work doesn’t kill”. She knew the value of hard work and it most certainly paid off for her and our family. I can also attribute my consistent work ethic due to her hard working example. 

2. Time waits for no man

I can hear my mother gently whispering this phrase, “Time waits for no man,” whenever I feel that I am wasting time, even though I live two-thousand miles away from her. When I was younger, she’d often remind me how time is precious and that you shouldn’t waste it because you can’t get it back. I would sit and do nothing as a young kid thinking I had all the time in the world. Boy was I ignorant! My mother’s wise words have nurtured me into the time conscious man I have become. Now, I have an issue sitting idle and having unplanned hours and so should you!

3. Bird in hand is better than a bird in the tree

This was a tough lesson to learn but left an unforgettable imprint on my mind. About three or four years ago I was working for the Department of California and I had my own apartment and rent was due,(you know where this is going). I miscalculated and estimated I would have a certain check coming in from my part time video business. That check didn’t come in on time, so here I was on the last day to pay rent and I was short $300. It was then my mom explained to me that the bird in hand is better than a bird in the tree. She illustrated that if you have caught the bird in your hand, you have the proof in your hand. If it’s in the tree, you don’t have the full assurance that the bird will be in your hand. Essentially, it correlated to money because here I was depending on a check that I didn’t have in my hand. Yet, I was counting it as if it was present in my bank account. As a loving mother would do, she helped me with the rest of the rent.

4. Have a consistent prayer time

As early as I can remember, my mom has always had a devoted time to the Lord.

5am every day. I would hear her gently speaking to God, reading her Word, and singing hymns. No issue or situation could move her time with the Lord. Her disciplined prayer life motivated me to keep my prayer life consistent with God. I believe a lot of the miracles that I’ve experienced stem from her connection to the Lord. In fact, I am one of the miracles that her incessant prayers produced and saved from veering on the road to destruction. I pray that we can all model this lifestyle and commit to a life that is saturated in God’s presence.

5. Life is what you make it

This is a lesson that took some time to click but when I got it, I embraced it with all my being. She would often say to me if you make your bed hard, you’re going to sleep it in hard. Essentially, she was teaching me that I would reap what I sowed. This lesson has taught me not to blame others for any mishaps that occur in my life because I am able to make what I want out of the good and bad that happens. I am grateful to have a pillar of wisdom such as my mother to give me invaluable pearls that have shaped my life for the better.

Do you have lessons or nuggets of wisdom that your mother or mother figure shared with you? Comment below, we would love to read them!


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