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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by djprophetic


4 Clues You Might be in Your Comfort Zone

4 Clues You Might be in Your Comfort Zone

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“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are,” said businessman and American writer, Max Depree. If this statement is true, how come we find ourselves doing the same things over and over again? Doing the same boring work, going with the same group of friends, eating the same meals, and doing the same activities over and over again. This is called the comfort zone and I want to give you 4 clues to help identify if you are in yours.

1.You are not learning anything new

In nature, when a plant stops growing, it begins to decay; there is no in-between state. We should view our lives as humans in accordance with this principle. Growth comes from learning from new ideas, new experiences, new people, and new knowledge. Sadly 42% of people who graduate from college never read another book.That is a sad shame. I hope this isn’t you…Pick up a book today and read something to stimulate your mind and soul.

2.You aren’t facing challenges

Many people run away from what’s new in order to stay with the familiar because it’s safe, there are boundaries, and they believe they won’t get hurt. One of the most painful experiences any human can face is the feeling of regret. If you are failing and facing challenges and obstacles, this means you are breaking out of your comfort zone. Remember, there is always the most resistance right before a breakthrough. Think about a space shuttle; it uses most of its energy to get into orbit. Once it reaches its destination, it doesn’t have to apply much force. Take that as a lesson- we all have to face these challenges to break into the next dimension of our lives and exert all that we have to break through. Once we’ve done so, we will realize the hardest part was just leaving our comfort zone.

3. You feel like an expert

I hate the word EXPERT. I refuse to be called an expert of anything because the moment others start calling you this, you start believing it and you become less of a student. Life is the teacher and no one should ever feel like they have it all or understand it all because there will always be more to learn. A famous painter was once asked which of his art pieces was his favorite piece of work. He said, “My next one.” That’s the attitude we should have in order to avoid stagnating into our comfort zones. Next time someone calls you an expert, tell them you are still a student.

4. You resist change

The biggest clue that we are in our comfort zone is that we don’t want things to change. I’m sure you’ve met the person who refuses to wear a different style of clothing- they have a way of doing everything they want and it has to be their way. They don’t want to hear any new suggestions or alternative means to fix things. These type of people can be hard to work with. We all have to work on this because we will naturally align ourselves with what is safe and secure. As Paul eloquently stated in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” This tells me that we are to live lives outside of what we know and outside of our comfort zones in order to truly see what we hope for.

Let’s examine our lives and ask ourselves, in what areas do we need to stretch?Is it our daily devotion, our relationships, our jobs, our habits?


Watch this video of Daymond John (Founder of FUBU) speaking on getting out of your comfort zone.


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