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Published on September 23rd, 2013 | by djprophetic


6 Words A Woman Should Never Say to a Man

6 Words A Woman Should Never Say to a Man

6 Words A Woman Should Never Say To a Man

Words are a powerful tool that can be used to build up or tear down, and for some reason the words of a woman toward a man are even more powerful. We’ve seen great women throughout history encourage and motivate the greatness in so many men. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama, Dr.Coretta Scott King, Melinda Gates, Tyler Perry’s mom, and so many more…Did you know it was his mom who provided the inspiration for his most popular character, Madea? (Women are powerful!)

#1 “You need to fix (said in front of other people) …”

Correction is hard enough for anyone to take especially when it’s in a public setting! Men need to be encouraged to change, not forced to change. Take Jacqueline Kennedy, President JFK’s wife. She used very careful language when describing her husband; she was conscious of making sure she didn’t jeopardize what the public thought of him. ( The bible says in Proverbs 14:1, “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” A woman’s influence  is so powerful that she can encourage a man to be a be a strong leader like JFK or she can discourage a man to think nothing of himself.

#2 “He’s better than you at…”
Any man will tell you, one of the surest ways to get him fired up is by comparing him to another a man. By nature, men are naturally competitive. We’re always seeing how we fare to other men in fitness, social economic status, relationship status, and even love for our sports teams (…that’s why millions of us play Fantasy Football)…  If you’re a lady and you’ve made this error, it’s okay, you probably just need to stroke his ego a little more and he’ll forget about the comparison. If you’re the man and this has happened to you, use this as ammunition to become better than your competition (you’re probably already focused on doing that anyway).

#3 “You’ve tried that already; it didn’t work…”
Failing is inevitable whenever you’re learning something new. Whether it’s a new job, a business, real estate, or going back to school, there will be a learning curve to adjust to. As men we look for new opportunities and new territories to conquer, even though we may have failed at similar feats. Ladies, never tell us, “You tried that already, and it didn’t work!” because we already know our failures; we don’t need a reminder. Instead ask us what strategy we’re thinking of using to achieve success.  No one becomes a success without failing! Ask Bill Gates, who started Traf-O-Data , a  computerized machine for processing paper tapes from traffic counters. The product failed miserably because it had too many bugs.

#4 “You don’t have the skills…”
Women by nature want security and they’re able to sense very clearly what a man does and doesn’t possess. The challenge is that some of the inadequacies women see in men are the ones they use to disqualify him from achieving something great.  It may be tempting to tell a man you’re not good at this, or you don’t have the skills for this, but that can lead a man to ignore you if the words come off in a dishonorable manner. Instead tell him about his strengths and what he is good at.  Fill in the gaps where he is weak because your strengths might may make up for his deficiencies.

#5 “I’m done, I quit!”
This one’s a painful one because we hate for people to give up on us or quit on us. Of course, if a man is mistreating a woman, she should definitely get out of there, but in other situations, refrain from using this. We think in black and white, women think in rainbows with different compartments. A woman may be fed up with the fact that a man isn’t spending time with her so she says, “I’m done I quit!” even though she doesn’t really mean it; she just said that because she wanted to see how much he values spending time with her. When a man hears those same words, he thinks, “I’m done I quit”? This literally translates to- “Our relationship is over.” For a man A = A but for a woman, it’s more complex A = B +C –D. Saying you quit is one of the most hurtful things a woman can say to us because we want to know that you have our back in the good times and the bad times, not just when everything is all rose petals and butterflies. Think twice before statements like these because it may be very hard to recover. But with God all things are possible.

#6 “Your mom is…..”
This one is simple. Don’t say a negative word about  our moms to us, even if it is true. It doesn’t matter if our mom was a good mom or a bad mom. Our mom is the first woman we give allegiance to (Remember men are BIG on loyalty). A negative comment about a man’s mom can cause you to see sides of him you didn’t think were possible.

Thanks for reading- hope you were blessed by some of these! Next will be the words you don’t want to say to a woman, so stay tuned!

Did I miss a couple? Do you disagree with any of them? Feel free to add any that I forget below!


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