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worry2……You stopped worrying and just trust God!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent an awful lot of time in my life over-thinking and worrying. I’ve worried about finances, school, job interviews, family situations, the future… you name it, at some point I’ve probably worried about it. Every now and then, God has an effective way of reminding me to be anxious (Phillipians 4:6) for nothing and that my worrying serves zero purpose.


1 Peter 5:7 says to give all your worries and cares to God for he cares about you. All your worries and cares, not some, ALL. Sometimes I wonder if worry stems out of a lack of trust or rather a lack of patience. We can say we trust God at face value and we may even trust him with a few little things, but I’ve found that when big things happen, I try fix the problems on my own. Even though I pray and ask for his help, when I leave my prayer closet, I pick my burdens right back up. Unconsciously, I behave like I don’t trust God to handle my big things. For example, I totaled my car and struggled with finances as well as transportation. I was frustrated and angry. I couldn’t understand why this happened at this particular time in my life. I would pray for guidance but never listen. I wanted to figure it out on my own, as if I could choose a path better than Gods. As time went on and I grew tired of bumping my head in the same wall, I stopped consuming those thoughts of frustration and began to thank God I was even alive. I began to trust, even when I didn’t understand. Two months later I received a check in the mail that not only covered my finances, but a down payment for another car.


Truth is, God has everything under control. Ultimately we should be just as confident that things are going to work out when they look crazy as (they do when things look) fine and dandy. So today, my little bit of encouragement is really just a reminder. STOP WORRYING! STOP STRESSING! STOP HOLDING SECURELY TO YOUR BURDENS! You’ve already prayed about the situation. You’ve already asked God for his help. He’s already promised to sort things out for you, so please stop worrying. Stop losing sleep. Stop fussing, fretting and thinking till your hair falls out. Trust God to sort your situation out and sit back and watch him work in His own time.


Worry immobilizes us, but trust in God moves us to action. When the need arises, we need not worry, for we know that our God will supply. Worry expends energy pointlessly—it doesn’t change the reality of the situation a single bit. Many of us would do well to ask ourselves this question every morning, “Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Daily we face new challenges, concerns, problems, and choices. Will we worry, or will we pray? Will worrying be of any help whatsoever? Worry may damage our health, cause the object of our worry to consume our thoughts, disrupt our productivity, negatively affect the way we treat others, and reduce our ability to trust in God. Worry may in reality, take time away from our span of life rather than adding to it; it accomplishes nothing.


When we worry about tomorrow, we miss out on today.  Any problem we face can and will be handled, with God’s help, one day at a time.  Because God cares for his people’s needs, Jesus says, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.”  In an appeal to common sense, Jesus explained that what we worry about happening tomorrow may not happen, so we will have wasted time and energy worrying.  We need to reserve that energy because today’s trouble is enough for today.  We only add to today’s burdens when we worry about the future. No anxieties about tomorrow will change the outcome, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.  The burdens of today are enough, so let God take care of them.  We must trust God for today without worrying about tomorrow.


If you learn to open up and depend on Christ, you’ll never have anything to worry about. Trusting in God’s timing. Believing that his timing is perfect.


“For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.” -Habakkuk 2:3 

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