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Published on October 4th, 2013 | by djprophetic


6 Advantages that Women Have Over Men

6 Advantages that Women Have Over Men


Who are we kidding? We live in a predominately male-dominated society. Men are paid more and are at the top of more leadership positions. I didn’t come up with these stats– they’ve been sourced from sites like the and even President Obama. Although, these statements have statistical support, I want to share six advantages that women have over men that haven’t been previously mentioned.

First, let’s go through a brief history of the creation of women:
In order to make “woman,” God first created man. Often, we assume that this means that God created the “physical man” then, but if you look deeper, you’ll realize God created the “spirit of Man,” which is mankind. Genesis 1:26-27 ”So God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them; male and female, he created them.”

After God created mankind, he created the male and then the female, both versions of “Man.” This means that they’re both equal but possess different strengths and attributes that symbiotically assist each other for the greater good.

1. Women have a more multidimensional way of thinking

According to author Mark Kastleman of the book, The Difference Between the Male and Female Brain:

“The male brain is highly specialized, using specific parts of one hemisphere or the other to accomplish specific tasks. The female brain is more diffused and utilizes significant portions of both hemispheres for a variety of tasks.”

That being said, it’s no wonder that men see the slice of pie and women see the piece missing from the entire pie. Multidimensional thinking is beneficial for building businesses, raising children, and managing people; it’s no wonder that companies like IBM, HP, and Regal Entertainment Group all have women leading as CEO’s. Just in the last year, the number of Fortune 500 Female CEO’s rose 4% according to

2. Women are more emotionally intelligent then men

Accrording to a 1995 study conducted by Scandinavian researchers,, women were better equipped to not only detect, but also mirror the emotions of others [source: Simon-Thomas]. Then in 2003, researchers found that women identify and truly experience the emotions of others, proving women demonstrate higher levels of empathy. Men share empathy, but it was found that men have the rational parts of their brain take over and soon switch into problem solving mode as compared to women, who are able to simply empathize.

3. Women are more spiritually in-tune then men

From my personal observations and observations of other men, I believe that women are generally more spiritually in-tune than men. I don’t believe God gives women more of a spiritual affinity at birth, but I think culturally, women are more encouraged to plug into the divine . Most men are taught to be tough at a young age, to be independent, and to refrain from crying or showing emotional instability (B.E article on Even Tough men need to cry). However, some of these same characteristics ironically keep men from God. Because men are taught to be tough, we try to handle things on our own without the help of other men or God.

4. Women are generally more healthy then men

A 2009 study by scientists at McGill University indicated that women have a built-in mechanism to protect from infection. Estrogen, found at higher levels in women than men, has been proven to be a defense and an immune builder.. Additionally, men have a higher mortality rate, and this persists throughout life, says Sean Hagberg, chief science officer of Rio Grande Neurosciences in Santa Fe, N.M., and clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of New Mexico. Due to testosterone and aggressive tendencies, men are also more likely than women to die from injuries such as respiratory cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and coronary heart disease.

5.Women are generally more social then men

Ask any married man in a household, who generally talks more- it’ll be the wife. (LOL) Researches have even proven that women say 13,000 more words per day then men. US researchers actually found that those with more Foxp2, known as the ‘language protein’, in their brains were more talkative. Women tend to have stronger relationships, more frequent interactions, and even utilize social media more than men. Men shy away from sharing more details about themselves, partially due to the social pressure to keep their feelings inside.

6. Women have the power to mold a man into a Prince or a Peasant

As I stated in my previous article (6 Words women should never say to man) Women carry so much weight in their words and the ability to build or tear down a man. No man has the ability to influence a man’s life as much as a woman does. This is simply because men look to impress women, gain their respect, and affirmation. Men have gone to great lengths to receive these accolades from women. Some men have destroyed themselves like Samson in the bible (Read Judges 16) and other men have reached great heights because of the women who influenced like Moses wife, Zipporah in (Exodus 4)

Did I miss any? Please let us know!

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