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Linsanity: 4 Reasons You Need to Watch the Jeremy Lin Story


It’s always about the story. When we sift through a newspaper, watch a movie, listen to a song, or even engage in a conversation, we’re subconsciously searching for the puzzle pieces that form some semblance of a story… Case and point- you’re reading this right now for the story, aren’t you? … Don’t worry, we’ll get there.  Our rationale for wanting a story is a desire to be involved in the chronicled process that plays to our emotional prowess. And unless you’ve been living in a subzero igloo for the past two years, your emotional prowess got a full dose of “WOAH NELLY!” when you heard the story of former New York Knicks and current Houston Rocket’s point-guard, Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy’s story is a true epic. Aside from being the first Chinese or Taiwanese American player in the NBA, the Californian born and bred b-ball star is also a man of faith. His public declaration of his Christianity is something that has triggered an increased skeptical eye ever since the world caught a heavy heaping of “Linsanity” when he scored 25 points in his first career start. But the skeptics haven’t seen the behind-the-scenes reality like filmmaker, Evan Leong has. Ever since Jeremy Lin’s tenure as an Ivy League guard at Harvard, he’s been filming the ups and downs, highs and lows, and the faith in between.

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4 Reasons that You Need to See Linsanity


  1. Example of Operating in Your Gifting

Jeremy Lin grew up with a pressure inherent to many Asian Americans. As a first generation-American, there were certain expectations he was supposed to meet. He played piano and excelled at academics, yet his heart and passion was embedded in basketball. After his parents’ reluctantcy, he started playing more competitively in the YMCA and other youth-basketball leagues. If Jeremy wasn’t obedient to that desire, his history-making story would be nonexistent.

  1. Underdog’s Narrative

If you’re looking for a true-underdog story, this is it. In 2006, the then captain of his Palo Alto High School basketball team, led them to a 32-1 record and was named first team All State and Northern California D2 Player of the Year, averaging 15.1 points per game. Despite his success, not a single Ivy-league team offered him a scholarship, including the proximal Stanford Cardinal. Harvard guaranteed him a spot but no scholarship. He went on to average 16.4 points per game in his senior year at Harvard. But despite that, not a single NBA team drafted him. He contemplated playing overseas or even quitting before being drafted by the Golden State Warriors. But even then, he was assigned to the D-League three times and later waived in favor of another player. It wasn’t until he was put into the rotation out of desperation by New York Knick’s coach, Mike D’Antoni, that he really began to shine.

  1. Potential to Shatter Stereotypes

We’re rarely, if ever, exposed to the racism that Asian Americans experience in the sports world. Jeremy Lin has an encountered a journey unparalleled to most athletes. He’s had to endure racist remarks such as “chink” and also prove himself to coaches and teams that didn’t even take a second look at him. While playing for the Warriors, Lin once entered Oakland’s Oracle Arena for a game and was denied entrance because the security guard didn’t believe that he played for Golden State. In a recent interview with CNN’s Alicia Stewart, Jeremy Lin, mentioned how he handles the racism he’s experienced as an Asian American player. “When I was younger I let it affect me, I let it boil inside of me. And now I just kind of just brush it off,” remarks Lin.

  1. Balance Between Faith and Competition

Success necessitates a competitive spirit, a fighting-will to prevail. However, the Christian faith requires a “servant’s heart.” For many Believers, the balance between faith and fight sometimes seems nonexistent. But for sports-stars, this is magnified. Yet, Linsanity is an introspective look at how Lin shows that it’s not only possible to be a Believer and a competitor, but that it’s necessary for our faith-walk and our testimony.

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