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Trust in the process.


Several years ago, I desired to visit to New York City. At the time a friend of mine had recently moved so it was the perfect opportunity to explore the city. The moment I stepped foot outside of John F. Kennedy Airport, I knew; the surge of energy, adventure, passion and purpose hit me all at once. I knew New York would be my home; there was no other option. The next day I set out on my own to explore, learned a few subway stops and soaked in each cultural hues. Later on that evening, I met up with my friend and things took a turn for the worst. What happened, I will not disclose for the sake of integrity, but let’s just say I soon left New York in tears and without that friendship.


You’d think after leaving in such a way, the city would leave a foul taste in my mouth. But it didn’t. Returning to California filled with New York in heart only pushed me further to move. At the time, I was new to Christ, just a babe, and in all honesty was treating Him like a genie- “You do this and in-turn, for you, I’ll do that.” So I made my request, “God, I am moving to New York. So I will get all my money in order to move on Oct. 28, 2006. So make that happen and, um, I will participate in church on Sundays.” In the next breath I purchased my plane ticket. Ever heard that’s saying “You want to make God laugh, Tell Him your plans?” Well, I’m pretty sure He had the greatest laugh of His everlasting life that day.


The process.

One year later, I was still in California. My mother’s lupus had taken over our lives. There was no way I could leave her to battle the symptoms on her own, so I stayed. For months I slept in hospital chairs and on floors. I prayed and prayed, nothing was happening. Everything fell apart, but I didn’t give up.


Four years later, I was still in California. Only this time I moved to Sacramento. I had no idea why I was in Sacramento. Nothing about this move made sense to me, but it was the door God opened. I knew He worked in mysterious ways, so I decided to be obedient and follow His lead.


After my first week in Sacramento, I had a major car accident. Imaging being on the busiest highway and your breaks stop working….literally. Scariest experience of my life! All I could remember was pulling on my emergency break and covering my eyes! My airbag never deployed causing my face to hit the steering wheel. I regained consciousness to realize my car was totaled after it crashed into the side divider overlooking a 40ft drop ledge. I was in pain, but by the grace of God, walked away unharmed; therefore, I couldn’t give up.


I walked or biked everywhere I needed to go for about seven months, and survived on very little. I was determined not to stay down after being kicked. At home, I hung up pictures of the Statue of Liberty and paintings of Times Square on all four walls. Four years and the passion was still there; this was the only way I knew how to keep my dream alive. I just couldn’t give up.


I still couldn’t understand why God had me in Sacramento, especially with everything that was going wrong. So I decided to sit at the altar and ask. That Wednesday night I attended a youth group, and little did I know I’d later meet a brother, Being Encouraged writer David Simons, and later join the team.


In everything, there is purpose.

Sacramento taught me valuable lessons and introduced me to amazing people. At some point I stopped thinking of everything that went wrong in my life and focused on the bigger picture, my goal. It was then I realized God moved me to Sacramento to be pruned, to process, to become whole. So I sat down and relinquished myself from everything I FELT and THOUGHT my life should’ve been and made my final request, “In your time Lord, let your will be done in my life.”


It has now been six years and I am still in California, but On Oct 28th, 2013, I will move to New York. A little mustard seed of faith, a vision and the courage not to give up no matter how long it takes or what hurdles may approach and you can do anything! Hurdles are only placed in your path to strengthen, stretch and grow you into who you will become. Sometimes there are unfortunate situations that NEED to happen in order to prepare you for the victory of your vision. You too may lose friends, struggle and feel defeated. But have faith in your process, because everything that happens in your life has a purpose! You will win every time you refuse to give up.

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