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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Nathaniel


Commandment II: It’s Time to Prioritize!

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Commandment II:
“Get your priorities in order: Jesus first, your wife second, your children third, your work fourth, etc. Develop a weekly schedule, blocking out quality time for the Lord, your wife, each child and the family as a whole. A husband’s most important time during any given day is the first five minutes when he gets home from work and the love and attention he shows his wife and children at that time. Remember that your human fatherhood is rooted in the Divine Fatherhood of Almighty God (cf. Eph 3:14-15; cf. CCC, 2214).”

D.Pillado 2

Time to Take Out the Trash
One of the most difficult things that I’ve struggled with as a new and young father is the ‘noisy’ things that easily take up my time and affect my life. These things can be the time I spend on social media, reading articles from different writers and/or magazines, or answering the endless emails or text messages. It can also be the time I DON’T take in checking in with my wife and her needs. All these things are small but perfect examples of how quickly it is to stop caring about what’s most important: Your relationship with God, the needs of your wife and the building of your own “Holy” family.


“Honey, I’m Home!”
When I get home and make it through the front door, I always greet my wife and check out the mayhem our two year old has brought on throughout the day. But some days I don’t immediately pay as close attention as I should to the things that matter like asking how my wife’s feeling, how her day went, how our son behaved, etc. When I do remember to ask, they always help me to be aware of the reality she lives in all day long- a screaming, toothing, potty training two year old who cannot take two steps without knowing she’s right behind him. It also reminds me how truly grateful I am to have this woman in my life and the wonderful role she takes in bringing up our children in a way that we can each say the Lord would want for them and for us. So take the time, even if it’s for just 60 seconds. Think about all that she dealt with, and just listen to her. It immediately tells her you do care, and for those of you out there (including me) that struggle in showing the affection that she deserves, suck up your pride and imagine yourself in a Nike commercial and ‘Just Do It!’


Something that my wife and I have done that has helped so many different parts of our marriage is taking the time to pray together. Whether we are stopping as a family to grab a bite to eat Chipotle (GRUB!) or sitting at the dinner table in our home… We can always take the time to be thankful for the abundance of good in our life and not be afraid to do it in public either.


D.Pillado3“Love Letters”
Something my wife and I started on our honeymoon were what we call love letters. Every day we took a few minutes and wrote a new letter to each other about the things we were feeling and the gratitude we felt for our trip and for what we had going on in our lives. Reading these letters later, we realized that each letter was in a form of a prayer. It always resulted in us giving thanks to God for all His blessings especially Him blessing us with each other. After we came home to reality from our honeymoon, this-like many things-stopped happening. Recently, we picked it back up… We realized it helps to keep some romance alive in our marriage too! Throughout each week, one of us will keep it for a few days at a time and write a love letter to the other. At bedtime, it has always been something we try our best to discuss, but sometimes praying the Lord’s Prayer followed by a decade of the rosary may be the only thing we can get through. All that matters, is that the focus is there. The priorities are straight. Our love is important and needs the tender care it deserves for us all to be happy, and that includes our ‘oneness’ with God.


Start a Legacy..
I always imagine- what do I want my kids to remember about me? About their parents? Their actions or lack of actions? Do I want them to remember things that have zero meaning related to our heavenly home? Or do I want them to remember that above all else, GOD was always at the center of their daily lives. Life isn’t easy, and sometimes we have to silence the static to receive clarity on what’s important. Stay strong, be steady, and fight on! As Husbands and Fathers, we have souls to bring closer to Christ. Lets start with those souls that are right there with you each and every day. Please pray for me; I’ll be praying for you!



By David Jordan Pillado

*This post was first published on David’s site Signs Signs Everywhere!



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