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Boxing-Ring: Your Rational Mind May Never Understand…


Our desire to rationalize and understand has never in history been where it is now. I’m sure previous generations said the same thing- but let’s get real, they never had Netflix, did they? In the physical, humankind is progressing at rapid rates. But what effect does this have in the spiritual/ mental realms?

We exist in a world compounded with journals of quantum physics, chronologically categorized indexes of the smallest micro-organisms, and detailed scientific bibliographies. We exist in a world in which the dictionaries of our ancestors are thicker than our televisions. We exist in a world where a human life can be fertilized in the cylindrical confines of a test-tube. Humans… We’re kind of the ish, right?

If you’re like me, you’ve at some point entered the metaphorical boxing-ring of life with Big Pops. And you’ve studied, you’ve researched, you think you know how the ring works. But your moves become inconsistent- you try to predict how the lights and the center of gravity will combine with your footing. Let me tell you how it ends- you lose your balance without God even having to swing.

For the past year working to overcome a chronic illness, I’ve been in this metaphorical boxing-ring. I researched. I questioned. I analyzed. But those efforts failed. And I drove myself half-crazy in the process. Not to say that I was supposed to sit idle- but for some reason, I thought I would find the answers with God chilling on the side-rope. It doesn’t work like that. Trying to rationalize our way around the problems we face is as useless as purchasing tin-foil from Dollar Tree (no really, you might as well use tissue paper).  I think God was in the ring with me, just blowing the dust off of his nails saying, “Son, you done yet? Really… you done? I got a conference call with North Korea at 5pm and I’m not too happy about it…”

Don’t get me wrong, God gave us intellect for a reason. He gave us the ability to see knowledge and tune to wisdom for a purpose. But when we try and use our rational mind to try to understand things that God intended to be spiritual- we fall flat on our face. When we use our understanding to try and play God and question why we can’t control everything around us, we crumble. We can’t allow the physical to hypothesize and conclude the future. The future doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to God.

I don’t know what you’re facing right now. It may be a physical illness, depression, isolation, suicidal thoughts, anxiety in your marriage life, trouble over your finances- whatever it is, release your desire to rationalize and understand. In the physical, things might not make sense to you- heck, they might not even make sense in the prophetic tongue-proclaiming-evangelic-charismatic kind of way.  That’s why we’re given the opportunity to surrender- even before we step into the ring. In worldly terms, we think of surrender as form of weakness, but in the spiritual, it’s what we’re called to do. Because when we surrender in and by faith, we become victorious in the truth that God can use whatever situation to push us into our destiny and to glorify His name.

Ephesians 4:18 “They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.” (Kind of burns, right?)

How can you release your desire to rationalize and understand?

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