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Published on December 18th, 2013 | by djprophetic


The BIGGEST Roadblock to your SUCCESS!

The BIGGEST Roadblock to your SUCCESS!

The BIGGEST Roadblock to your SUCCESS!

Everyone knows they can be better, achieve more, and do more to be everything they were purposed to be. However, there is a BIG roadblock that often inhibits us from from achieving our desired success. It’s not a lack of vision, lack of time, lack of hard work, motivation, or persistence that holds us back. This roadblock is much bigger than all of these elements and takes every ounce of energy, all of your commitment, and a strong will to bypass- the biggest roadblock to your success is self-discipline!

Self-discipline feels like a curse-word in some circles because of the mixture of emotions it stirs and the self-assessment it imposes. It’s only self-discipline that separates the good from the great, 1st place from 2nd place, and a memory from a legacy. Some of the world’s most successful people wouldn’t have been able to obtain their dreams without the necessary discipline.

Did you know Michael Jordan used to shoot one thousand shots a day? ….And we wonder why he was so good… Did you know First Lady, Michelle Obama wakes up every day at 4:30am to workout?…And you wonder why she looks so fit? Did you know that Bill Gates built his business on a simple disciplined habit? In his book, “Spiral of Success,” he discusses the fact that he leverages the successes of each the products he builds. He used the success of MS-DOS to give him the confidence to develop Windows and then Windows 95 and then Excel and Office. Or how about the fact that Olympic swimmer and 7-time gold medalist, Michael Phelps, swam seven days a week when training? When I attended a seminar years ago, Michael Phelps mentioned that Olympic swimmers usually have a routine where the swim six days a week and rest on Sundays. Michael realized quickly that if he swam one more extra day each week, he would have 52 additional days of swim workouts than the swimmers he was going to compete with. It was his self-discipline to put in that extra day of work that got Michael Phelps his seven gold medals.

Everyone knows they need self-discipline, but do we all know what it is and how to apply to our lives? Self-discipline is simply the initial action and drive it takes to add a beneficial habit to your lifestyle. You may have thought I was going to say self-discipline is beating yourself into submission and sacrificing your temporary wants and desires in order to obtain your worthy goal. Yes, in a sense, self-discipline contains those aspects but self-discipline is only really needed to get things in motion. Once that happens, it becomes a habit, which turns into your lifestyle, which creates your success. You don’t even think about it- you brush your teeth every day (at least I hope so lol)- this initially could have been a gargantuan struggle but once the struggle and the self-discipline are focused, the habit takes over and becomes a tool in your arsenal. Don’t let self-discipline scare you; it’s just a catalyst and booster to develop successful habits. The only thing stopping you is your lack of self-discipline in a certain area and the great news is you can change that today!

What habit do you want to establish using the power of self-discipline?

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