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Published on February 9th, 2014 | by SoniaJHarris


5 Self Care Tools



When’s the last time you were frazzled? For me, just this past Monday. It’s easy to do when you become filled with task after task and self care is thrown out the window. There was a point within the day where throwing all my assignments, deadlines, and post-it notes in the air sounded amazing! Instead, I opted for healthy self-care habits recognizing that healthy emotions become actions; and actions cultivate our world.


A certain amount of balance within an individual’s life has the ability to separate the frazzled from the healthy. Sometimes the line between the two become blurred, and when this happens it’s hard to maintain a high quality life. Culturing a thriving environment and encouraging healthy thoughts is not an impossible feat. When time is given towards self care and personal development, the experience of growth is beyond measure.


Here are 5 self care tools:


1)    Remove yourself from situations and individuals who are takers by knowing your line of balance. When you’re consistently withdrawing from yourself without conserving energy, you’ll quickly become frazzled, so learning balance is key.


2)    Spend time in a “quiet” place. A place where your mind is able to wind-down as you seek clarity. This can be physically or spiritually. Spending time alone to rejuvenate sets the foundation for inner peace.


3)    Take daily attempts to exercise your mind and protect it from rubbish. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Cultivate your world with your thoughts; a positive mindset is a powerful force and the connection point to flourish in life.


4)    Don’t be so afraid you’ll “miss out” on life that you forget to rejuvenate, rest, and remove yourself from the business of life. The turn down is just as necessary as the turn up!


5)    Guard your heart. Trust God over your emotions for they alter with each situation. God doesn’t wavier.


These techniques may sound simple enough, but if used regularly, they will yield some amazing results.

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