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How to Wait for your Mate: Elon’s Story

How to Wait for your Mate: Elon’s Story
By: Elon Paige

Elon was gracious enough to share his candid story on the pain and struggle of waiting for his mate….

I share this message from the heart.. somewhere I have never been afraid to go or express. May this hopefully bless and inspire anyone who can relate.

For those that don’t know me, I have been single all of 27 years. I perceive myself to be a decent, upstanding man who has a lot to offer a woman, but I never encountered the complementary environment that fit my standards and values. I came to a point where I compromised and allowed things I would usually dispel to enter into my life and it affected me adversely. When doubt and desperation crept in is when I became vulnerable to the mediocre imitations of a relationship and the temptations and pitfalls that came with it. I was on a road where something that never mattered to me all the way through college (women) became a irritating focal point.

It is clear the enemy attacks us in places that we show weakness. My lustful attention and vain attempts to push my agenda was like a quarterback yelling out the play to the defense. That is not the plan that God had called for. That was not the timing that God had called for. The whole time I am questioning myself and wondering why I can’t secure the “woman of my dreams” I was just simply going further away from my purpose. I saw it as a struggle when really it was preparation. God will test your faith to see if you can endure.. to see if you are ready to receive His great gifts.. to see if you truly have the virtue of patience.

It is laughable when I hear “you’re such a great guy.. I can’t believe you’ve never had a girlfriend”. You only see what’s at face value. You don’t know the process that individual is going through. You don’t know their mindset. You don’t what inner workings that God is dealing with in them. For those who are having trouble within the dating/relationship realm.. stay steadfast in what you believe. Never remove a value to REPLACE a compromise.. that is a setup for corruption. Be confident in your faith and don’t let the world dictate when, where, and how your blessing will occur. Find a positive, nurturing environment and thrive in it. Broadcast an image that you want reciprocated in a mate. Be adventurous. Move in your purpose and walk in peace. You cannot see anything good with anger, unforgiveness, and hate in your heart.

God bless.

Sacramento State Alum ’08
Purpose Field Executive Director
John 16:33

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