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40 Things I Recently Learned about Marriage

40 Things I Recently Learned about MarriageDSCN5311a

Last weekend my wife and I went to a marriage encounter (it’s like a marriage retreat for couples) at my church, Living Faith Christian Center, and experienced a complete paradigm shift in my marriage. We’re both so grateful for all the pastors, ministers, and marriage team members who poured wisdom, principles and love into us; we can’t thank them enough! So I wanted to share 40 things I learned from this marriage encounter that can benefit your marriage or potential marriage. Make sure to comment below and let us know what point touched you the most!

40 Things:

1. The enemy reveals our temptations at our weakest moments.
2. It’s one thing to have a strong relationship with God; it’s another thing to have a strong walk with God and your spouse.
3a. Don’t sweep conversations under the rug because the dirt will pile up.
3b. Take of your mask and allow God to show you, you.
4. If Thomas Edison took 10,000 tries to get the light bulb to work, then how much more should we try to keep our marriages working?
5. If God can raise Lazarus from the dead, he can surely raise a marriage.
6. Marriage is a gift to those of us on earth; it’s not for heaven because Jesus said there will not be marriage in heaven, so quit fighting your helpmate.
7. If you kiss your wife, you will live longer.
8. If you stop talking to your spouse, the enemy will start talking to them.
9. If you don’t understand, get clarification.
10. Without the correct attitude your words will always come out wrong.
11. Speak where you want your spouse to be, not where they are.
12. The average person interrupts every 17 seconds to get their point across, so close your mouth and listen.
13. Don’t bring up past mistakes; it’s called “garbage dumping.”
14. Pray before your family meetings.
15. Smile when you address something tough.
16. The enemy knows when to bring the wrong person to tempt you at the right time when you are least vulnerable to do the right thing (meet your need).
17. What you’re not thankful for, you may lose.
18. There are six people that get married when you go to the altar: The man she thinks you are, the man he thinks he is, the man God knows him to be, the woman he thinks you are, the woman she thinks she is, and the woman God knows her to be.
19. Laugh together on purpose.
20. Don’t be more affectionate with people in church than you are with your spouse.
21. Men need to be held in high esteem for our egos. God gave us egos on purpose.
22. Ego = Self esteem + Self Importance.
23. Your wife should be able to predict your actions because you are so consistent.
24. The most important aspect of a relationship is forgiveness; it’s the first thing God gave to us when we came into relationship with him.
25. Your spouse is going to do more wrong than they do right.
26. Marriage without forgiveness is hell.
27. Have a cue when you recognize strife trying to cause a  disagreement. (Ex: a dance, a phrase, just do something out of the ordinary to prevent offense and aggravation).
28. The sin of anger is being angry longer than God is angry.
29. We were created to forgive unconditionally.
30. When you forgive, it allows God to deal with your spouse.
31. Loving yourself is forgiving others.
32. We shouldn’t have lines people shouldn’t cross, because God doesn’t have that for us.
33. When we get offended, we have to fight the urge to enjoy holding onto unforgiveness.
34. Great sex doesn’t start between the legs, it starts in the heart.
35. If I treat her like the Queen she is, she will treat me like the King I am.
36. Sex is the only thing in the world you share with only one person (your spouse) in the world…
37. If God framed the world with his words, then I can frame my world with my words.
38. Truth without love is mean, but love without truth is meaningless.
39. Intimacy = Into me see. Intimacy means unhindered access to see into each other’s emotions.
40. If you don’t have negotiation, you have domination.

Now, comment below and let us know what point resonated with you the most!

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