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3 Most Important Things about Motivation

3 Most Important Things about Motivation


Motivation is a very common word that is commonly misunderstood. Some may think motivation comes from a life changing moment, a motivational speaker, or inspirational video. As you read these 3 important truths you will realize that motivation is more internal than external, more action than feeling, and more about consistency than anything.

#1 Motivation is action before feeling

Have you ever said I feel motivated? Of course you have we all have, and actually this is incorrect because motivation is not a feeling. The actual definition for motivation is- the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. Motivation is much more of an act than an emotion or tingling sensation. Dr. Jerome Bruner states it best:

“You’re more likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action.”

Even though emotions and feelings are real they should not determine how you act, your decision is the number one determining factor in the equation of your success.Did you know that smiling even when your sad, can change your mood? Research by Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman at the University of Kansas demonstrated that smiling can alter our stress response in difficult situations.Their study indicated that smiling, even if one is not feeling happy, can slow heart rate and decrease perceived levels of stress. Smiling sends a signal to the rest of our body that things are okay, it’s safe to let down our guard. So next time you are feeling overwhelmed, try smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. It might just make a difference.” This applies to every of your life so if you don’t feel like going to the gym put on some workout music, don’t feel like doing a paper just do the outline, etc.

#2 Motivation needs to be reignited frequently

The late great Zig Ziglar said it perfectly:

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.”

Picture motivation as a fire in your heart, the more wood you throw in the fire the more your motivated. If you don’t put anything in such as books, podcasts, or attend seminars your motivation will wane. Remember these items aren’t what initially motivate you, they are just the kindle to the burning desire you have. If you have a passion for becoming the best dancer, its only natural that you look for videos and resources to keep your passion burning. If you don’t keep motivating material in front of you chances are that you could become one of the millions of people who have laid their dreams to rest in the wayside. Along with taking consistent action in your passion, keep the dream alive with constant encouragement. (Hey this site is a great place for that :)).

#3 Nobody Can Motivate you Long-Term

This is the big one! Motivational speakers, teachers, pastors, bosses, and leaders have all learned or will learn that you cannot motivate people long term. People can only be motivated in the short term, thats why one can go to a business conference get charged up and the next week be in the same predicament they were in before the conference. Only YOU can motivate yourself long term, not parents, siblings, mentors, coaches or anyone else. It’s so important to do the things that you are passionate about because passion is an internal motivation that was given to you by God for a specific reason. Passion is the only thing that keeps people through tough times because its the why for what you do. In order to find your motivation you need to know your purpose (link purpose article here), and once you know your purpose this will be the guiding force to keep you on the long term trail to your destiny. Short term motivation is nice but don’t be fooled by its allure because it can wear off and in the end all you will have left is your original reason for pursuing. Be motivated my friends by action, consistency, and passion!

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