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70 Things I Learned about Character from Dr. Myles Munroe


70 Things I Learned about Character from Dr. Myles Munroe


I’ve always considered myself to have a good understanding of what character means, until this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Dr. Myles Munroe gave us an eye opening revelation on character at the Kingdom Summit, which was hosted by the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and Living Faith Christian Center. It was a 2 day conference to inspire business and ministry leaders to develop in the principles of God’s Kingdom. Below are 70 things I learned from the conference about character and this is just a small sample set of what I learned. Be blessed and share this with someone else!

  1. Character protects power and vision.
  2. Leadership is only as safe as your character.
  3. Your gift can never protect your character but your character will protect your gift.
  4. You were born to lead but you must become a leader.
  5. True leaders never seek followers.
  6. You cannot teach leadership; you give information that causes the leaders to develop.
  7. Your skill is what you do, your gift is who you are.
  8. Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration geared by a passion.
  9. Never trust an untested person.
  10. True leadership is finding something to die for.
  11. All great leaders are angry; the problem today is we don’t have enough angry leaders.
  12. True leaders do not seek followers; true leaders attract followers.
  13. You are a tree, and you must know people come for the fruit not the tree.
  14. True leadership is not measured by how many people that serve you but how many people you serve.
  15. Don’t depend on people to get your value.
  16. That’s why many famous singers and entertainers do drugs and overdose- because they depend on people for their value.
  17. True leadership is determined by character.
  18. Character is not a gift you are not born with.
  19. Character is developed; you can’t pray for it or fast for it. Character is the ability to go through test and still remain.
  20. The foundation of leadership is character.
  21. Without character you will crumble like sand.
  22. Character is a word that means statue; it means to be set like dried cement.
  23. Character is image; you are stable, predictable, and dependable.
  24. Character- no matter what happens around you, you never change.
  25. Character is when people around you can predict what you are doing when no one is watching.
  26. Character is when I can trust you even when I cant see you.
  27. Character means you don’t have another life; you are the same in the day and the same in the night.
  28. What do you do when the pressure comes? Do you collapse like Samson or do you stand like Joseph? Both of them lost their clothing yet one of them stood past the test of the trials.
  29. “Hypocrite” simply means a person with many masks.
  30. The greatest compliment someone can tell you is that “I met you so many years ago and you are still the same today.”
  31. Numbers and letters are characters because they don’t change.
  32. In business your character will protect your business.
  33. Trust is a product of passing tests over time.
  34. Character is a self-imposed discipline.
  35. Character is a commitment to set of values without compromise.
  36. Character is a dedication to a set of standards without wavering.
  37. Character is a constant effort to integrate one’s words, deeds, and actions.
  38. Pertaining to character- what I say, do and am should be the same.
  39. The same word for character is the same as Holy, that’s why God is Holy.
  40. Our goal in life should be to grow, but never change just like an apple tree that doesn’t turn into an orange tree.
  41. You shouldn’t marry someone you didn’t test.
  42. Character is sacrificing to protect your convictions.
  43. It’s better to be respected than liked.
  44. Philosophy- means love to think, so be careful what you hear and think.
  45. Your character becomes your lifestyle.
  46. You shouldn’t want people around you who haven’t made any mistakes; you should want to be around people who survived mistakes.
  47. You never trust people who didn’t survive anything.
  48. Character is created out of tests.
  49. You are as safe as your character.
  50. You are not qualified to help someone if you have not been tested.
  51. Every true business must go through a period of bankruptcy.
  52. Every success story has a story; never trust anyone who doesn’t have a story.
  53. Character controls your lifestyle.
  54. If you are not afraid to be discovered; you have character.
  55. Values are more important than vision.
  56. A lack of values will destroy your vision.
  57. A person of character has an alarm built in and it sounds off when it’s about to be violated.
  58. Your conscience is a divine alarm system.
  59. A person of character follows their conscience.
  60. Vision without values is destiny without discipline.
  61. Vision is protected by values.
  62. The first thing God gave us is image; image is more important than power.
  63. Reputation is what others think about you; character is what you know about yourself.
  64. Character means you are the same all the time.
  65. What you are in private should be who you are in public.
  66. You are no better than your private life.
  67. Would you marry you with all that you know about you?
  68. Instant success is dangerous, God will not take you through a shortcut; he’s not fixing things, he is fixing you.
  69. You can’t enjoy the struggle if you don’t know what it’s doing for you. Any test you don’t pass you will have to do again. Let God chisel character in your life.
  70. Integrity is when your public life and private life become one.List the top 3 that touched you the most below!

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