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Has anyone ever told you how important consistency is? Consistency shows someone’s behavioral pattern. When you view their pattern, you can sense what they may or may not be capable of handling. Growing up, I wasn’t taught this example.The importance of consistency didn’t become apparent until beginning my own business less than a year ago. I quickly realized consistency establishes your reputation.

Think about someone in your life who is consistent. Subconsciously you may trust them more. Consistency breeds security and when we are secure in relationship, it brings about more substance. It increases a bond by bringing about agreement, harmony, or compatibility.



The wonderful part is that it is a learned behavior. Take daily attempts to become more consistent and before you know it, it will seem as though it’s second nature. Here are 5 ways you can begin to work on being more consistent:

1) Be honest with yourself.
Examine areas of your life were inconsistency may reside and why. Understand awareness is the catalyst for radical change. The more you are honest with yourself, the more you give yourself the opportunity to grow.

2) Stop thinking of inadequacies as being shameful.

They are more rather stepping stones to achieving your higher self. Growing to become steadfast is a learned behavior. So completely remove shame and understand it is okay, you are still growing. Believing you should be further along in your journey than you are is draining. Trust the process, every season is preparation for the next.

3) Surround yourself by patient people and be patient with yourself.

Daily attempts are better than accepted defeats. Ask someone you’re comfortable with to hold you accountable who is consistent themselves and discuss things they can do or say when you begin to veer away from a good streak. Don’t forget they should also cheer you on when improvement is evident!

4) Study Christ’s character in scripture.

Maybe you’re like me and you never understood what a tangible form of consistency looked like. Study Christ’s character in scripture. The more you understand the Creator’s character, the more you come to discover the power within yourself and all He has made you to be. Thankfully, He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8). The way He loves and moves is a prime example of how our expression and behavior should be. I have found learning Jesus’ character traits within scripture to be very helpful.


Creating new habits and learned behaviors isn’t a walk in the park. But, I promise it won’t be in vain.

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