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Bacon Fat: Who’s in Your Five??

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My brother David and I had some bad habits growing up to say the least. We did everything from faking showers (I think my run was a solid five days) to stock-piling dishes like it was Y2K (we almost reached one week) to devouring groceries like refugees. On the rare occasions when we weren’t ravaging through boxes of Eggo Waffles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts (it varied depending on what my mom had a coupon for that week), we might be privileged enough to get the glory of all breakfast foods: BACON. It didn’t happen very often, but when it did, salivating was inevitable.

My mom, in her registered nurse wisdom, would trim the fat from the bacon right after she cooked it (This is criminal offense #1 to a pre-teenage boy). And because David and I knew this, we would literally dig the bacon fat out from the trashcan (I told you we had bad habits). At that age, we couldn’t see that momma bear was thinking about the long-term health of her cubs as opposed to our temporary satisfaction. She evaluated the whole and chose to sacrifice our immediate pleasure for our future success.

You’re waiting for the parallel here, right? Well, here it is: We need to apply this habit of trimming bacon fat to our relationships. We’re often so emotionally tied to the people in our lives that we don’t see how toxic they are to our future. We shade our eyes from the reality that we have people in our lives who are validating our bad habits, stagnating our progress, or allowing us to be emotionally and psychologically dependent on them.

If you’ve never heard this truth- I’d like to share it with you: “You are the average of the five people who you spend the most time with.” Take the average of their personalities, habits, and beliefs and that’s a reflection of who you are. Take some time right now and ask yourself, “Who’s in My Five”? And if you’re really the superstar I know you are, you’ll write them down. Would you categorize these people as positive or negative influences? How would you describe their habits, their strengths, and their weaknesses? Do you admire these people or are they inhibiting you from bettering your life?

bacon fat_average of 5

It’s never easy to trim the fat (unless you’re my mom… I still believe she got immeasurable joy out of cutting that “oh-so-sweet” bacon excess). I’ve always taken pride in the relationships I have and I’m blessed to be surrounded by people I want to be like. But at the same time, I’m one of those people who wants to be liked by everyone, so I can admittedly say, I have to be careful about who I share my life with. Proverbs 4:23 tells us “Above all else guard your heart; for everything you do flows from it.” Are you guarding your heart and ensuring your future success? Trim the fat and leave it there my friends (no matter how much you want to dig in that trashcan).

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