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7 Ways Dr. Myles Munroe Changed My Life

Anyone who knew Dr. Myles Munroe, met him, heard him speak, or read his books would tell you that he was an amazing man. He and his wife, Ruth, Dr. Pinder, and the other 6 lives that were taken in the plane crash are tragic losses to us here on earth, but a gain for the Kingdom of heaven.

However, we do have something to gain; so many people in the media, on twitter, on other social networks, are asking who is this man that died, and the people that died with him? They may think he was just a preacher, but the truth is he and his team represented a catalyst of change for the entire world. Maybe they will read his books, watch his youtube videos, and buy his cds/dvds and through that, the message of the Kingdom will spread.

I was at a Lecrae and Andy Mineo concert the moment I got the text that Dr.Myles Munroe had passed. I was heart-broken and could hardly enjoy the concert after that. How could I be so hurt by the death of a man I hardly knew? The best way I can explain it is by telling you the ways he changed my life and caused me to become a better person, husband, potential father, and leader.


7 Ways Dr.Myles Munroe Changed My Life


1. He taught me to see crisis as opportunity.

I had just finished reading the book, Understanding the Purpose and Power of Man, and now was my first opportunity to hear Dr. Myles speak live. I was at the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce event and he was speaking on leadership. Some of the things he said blew my mind! I had never heard anyone share revelations like he did. I remember him mentioning how he was at a meeting with some gentlemen in China. He asked them why Chinese were so successful as a people and they explained to him that they do not have a word for crisis in their language. Instead, the word for crisis in their language is opportunity. “So every time most people see crisis, we see opportunity,” they said. Now every time I am in a challenging situation, I also think of it as opportunity instead of a problem.

 Recommended Resource (Book): Spirit of Leadership 


2. He taught me that the goal is not just to go to heaven, but bring heaven on earth.

This one is tough to understand if you really don’t get a full revelation. A lot of believers think that Heaven is the goal for their entire life on earth, but Dr. Myles proved in the Word that the actual goal should be fulfilling our purpose on earth and leaving our mark or legacy on earth to impact the lives we’ve been called to. Simply put we came from heaven to accomplish a mission on earth for God’s Kingdom, so why do we as believers get so caught up with wanting to go to heaven, when we haven’t completed our earthly assignment?

 Recommend Resource (Book): Rediscovering the Kingdom


3. He taught me the importance of commanding my angels to fight on my behalf.

I often command my angels according to Psalm 91:11 “For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.” However, I gained a deeper revelation after listening to a cd on the Kingdom. He discussed that we have angels assigned to help us, yet we sometimes try to fight the spiritual battles that we weren’t meant to fight. In the bible, Daniel the bible prayed and the bible said demons tried to prevent the angels he had on his behalf from helping him towards his request. Dr. Myles broke it down further by comparing it to how we have access to call the police or the ambulance at any time because they are civil servants to all citizens. It’s the same way the angels are ministering servants sent on our behalf of Kingdom citizens to resolve the issues we are facing.

 Recommend Resource: CD Series – Rediscovering the Kingdom Vol.5


4. He taught me that prayer is giving God legal access to intervene on earth.

God originally designed Heaven for man to rule and dominate as it says in Genesis 1:26-27. Therefore, God is one who keeps His Word. He does not intervene on earth unless we ask God to get involved because He has created laws in motion that even He has subjected Himself to. God wanted to save the world from sin, but he didn’t just destroy sin by coming on earth and removing sin from each of our hearts. Instead, he sent His son Jesus who came in the form of a man so He could have authority on earth to become a sacrifice for sin and eradicate sin from all those who believe in him. Even God had to use the body of a man to conduct his business on earth. That’s why Satan has to posses people to do his evil deeds on earth. If God has more people willing to give themselves to Him, more of Him will be seen on earth. This revelation has changed the way I pray to God, because I now know I need to ask God to get involved in anything I want him to change, I can’t just merely hope He will. The bible says you have not because you ask not!

 Recommended Resource (Book): Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer


5. He taught me that I should love my wife with no expectations and for no reason at all.

This revelation is tough for most to understand but basically there are 4 types of love: Phileo– brotherly love, Eros– Erotic love (like sex), Storge– family love (like your parents), and lastly Agape – the God kind of love. God asks husbands and wives to love with all these types of love at some point but we are to operate at the highest degree of love which is Agape at all times with our spouses. That means I don’t love my wife because she cooked and cleaned for me, or because she wore my favorite outfit. I love her for no reason and I love her without the expectation of getting anything back. The moment you give a reason for loving someone you are saying that your love can be taken away once that person does something you don’t like. People change, but the God kind of love that God operates in doesn’t change.

 Recommended Resource:


6. He taught me that I have unlimited potential and success is the only hindrance to my potential.

People look at seeds and just see a seed, but God designed things to have legacy built into them. If you take an acorn, it’s small, but that acorn seed actually has an oak tree that hasn’t manifested yet. Inside that tree, are more trees, so in actuality in every seed, you have a forest. That’s the power of potential; if a tree has a forest, how much more do you and I have as human beings? When God sees us he sees so much more than we see. God sees the ability for us to influence generations. That’s why abortion is such dangerous thing because when one aborts a baby, he or she isn’t just the killing the baby, but a generation and legacy, and possibly the world’s next influential leader. Dr.Myles qualifies as a worldwide influential leader, and thank God his mother didn’t abort him (even though they had 11 kids) because as he lived out his potential, he was able to affect the world in a profound way!

 Recommended Resource (Book): Understanding the Power of Potential


7. He taught me through his life to make time for people and pass on what you have to others.

I have been privileged to be a part of Dr. Myles Munroe’s mentoring program as of June 2014 and I wanted to join way before, but just never did it, until the urging of my good friend and trustee of the ITWLA orgnaization, Hubert Sugira pushed me.

The program has been life changing for me, but even more than that is how remarkably considerate and personable Dr. Myles was with people. As I went to a tribute for him a few days back, I kept hearing the testimony of how Dr. Myles would constantly check on his mentees, spiritual sons and daughters even though he had one of the busiest schedules. He took time to relate to each person on an intimate level. It’s remarkable to see that, I am even a witness to it, as I was shocked one day when I received an email from Dr. Myles’ personal account telling me that he received my prayer request and that he was praying for me (see the email below). I was shocked and I responded, and he responded back and I was even more shocked. You don’t see leaders on his level doing that, but that’s why he was such a world class leader, he took the time to not only teach people but touch people. A lot of leaders are concerned about themselves and their success. Dr.Myles was different; he was concerned about the success of others and how well others would carry the baton after he died. He said “Success without a successor is failure.” Dr.Myles also pointed out that Jesus didn’t build his legacy in buildings but instead put his legacy in people who continued the movement. The same with Dr.Myles- as he has left a legacy on the hearts and minds of the people he reached.

Papa Myles I know you are in heaven right now and I am ready to carry the torch that you lit for the Kingdom of God. May you rest in peace, may your legacy live on and may your family and all the families mourning the lives of the 9 that passed be encouraged and comforted.

 Recommended Resource: “Pass it On” (Must-Watch) :


Dr Myles Email

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