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The #1 Reason Why You Should Travel!

Do you want to travel outside of your country? Have you already traveled outside of your country? Knowing the core reason why you should travel will help enhance your traveling experiences. As a Ghanaian-American I’ve seen the best and worst of both worlds. America is truly the land of opportunity and I don’t believe many would refute that. Unfortunately, America is also a land littered with racial tensions as in the cases of Travyon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and others. As Americans, we also have systematic oppression, a low work/life balance, and a debt crisis.
I’ve been in Tanzania for the past week and I see a common trend that I also witnessed in Ghana- the stress levels are much lower and people are much more joyful and relaxed. As far as the bad that goes on, corruption seems to be prevalent in the governments, social systems, and even financial sectors. However the I’ve found that the benefits of traveling far outweigh any of the difficulties one may experience in another country.

In this post, I hope to convey to you the #1 reason why you should travel to places aside from your home country.

But before I tell you why you should travel, I think I should tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t travel. The top reason is visiting a country to see sights or special monuments. I know it’s common to want to see sights like Niagara Falls, The Aztec Pyramids, Statue of Liberty and many other places around the world. I am not saying you shouldn’t see sights; just don’t let it be the compelling reason you travel there. After you see a building or a sight, what else is there to do?  You proceed to carry on with your life.  Another common reason people like to travel is to “get away.” If an individual doesn’t know how to disconnect from the stresses of life in the place they are, what makes he or she think that as they travel those stresses will automatically leave? I am all for changing environments but one needs to change their state of mind before they can truly get away. So next time you go on a vacation make sure to prepare mentally first.
Now for the #1 reason why you should travel… I have found from my many travels to different places that the most important sight to see is people. Whether it’s relatives, strangers, or friends, the joy of traveling is the people you encounter and the time you spend with them. Imagine going on a tour to see the Seven Wonders of the World and no one’s there. How enjoyable would that be?

As I write this I am in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and I am having an awesome time. The reason why my time here has been so pleasant is because I have had the opportunity to spend some time with my wife, her mom and dad, aunts, uncles, cousins and more. The conversations have been enlightening, their viewpoints have been stimulating, and I am truly building relationships. If I didn’t enjoy the people that I was around here, my trip would not be as exciting. Tanzania has beautiful people and that’s what makes a country beautiful. I hope that when you travel that you plan time for people in your vacation and not just places; it will open up your mind, change your perceptions, and help you to become a better well-rounded person.


What have you learned about the people in places you’ve traveled to?

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